Going from 4c to 3a?

Hey guys. I'm an african american male with 0 experience with hair management. I wanted to ask if going from 4c to 3a was possible. And how would I go about doing it? Does anyone have any tips?

I was specifically looking for this hairstyle which seems to be only used with 3a hair:

I was thinking of something like Rihanna's but shaved on the sides and curlier (3a) for the top bang thing.
The cut I want is similar to this and is basically an assymetrical undercut with the top really long and growing out like a curly, blunt bang? I've seen it on another guy before and it looks really, really nice. How would I do it?

Do I relax my hair? Help me!
You could relax your hair and then use rollers. Though people will think you are vain for doing this. To this day my friends' joke about a guy we met with curling tongs and flat irons.

Or you could get a jheri curl.

Personally instead of spending time altering your curl pattern learn to love the great hair you have. Chemical processing isn't without it's problems
A chemical relaxer/texturizer will do it but - as Blueblood indicated - it also compromises the integrity of the hair. And the maintenance? Oy. Or you could hide your hair under a 3a wig. ... Or you could try flat-ironing or hot pressing it, or a Keratin treatment. The Jheri curl is a horrendous, greasy, smelly monstrosity that I shutter to acknowledge at all. All of these take a toll on hair and personally I rarely see drastically straightened hair that looks natural or "healthy". Also, 4c hair is quite fragile as I understand it and can break from all these methods.

One of the simplest, but possibly most challenging remedies is to accept the natural beauty of your hair and learn to embrace it with all you have and for all its worth (which is a lot). I sympathize with you because I recall wanting straight, blond hair when I was a kid when what I really possess is a naturally strong curl pattern, naturally brown

One place to start is in the 4 forum. There's a lot of knowledge and humor there. There's also plenty of beautiful hair to gawk at, including 4c You might want to check that out, along with the other forums here.

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