As I Am CoWash, Eden Coconut Shea CoWash?

Anyone ever try these? The ingredients look great. Do you think they'd be too heavy for non-ethnic hair that easily frizzes?

I'm currently using Hair One and I have quite a bit left, but I think I will get either As I Am cowash or Eden cowash when I go home for fall break in three weeks to keep at my parents' house.

What are your experiences with these products?

My hair also knots up really bad so I'd like to eventually switch to a product that would help that.
I really like the As I Am. I use that most of the time. It's pretty rich, though, and if your hair gets weighed down easily it might be too much. I have fine hair, but enough density that I want it weighed down, so the As I Am is great for me.
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I've tried both and like both, but I preferred the Eden Body Works co-wash because the ingredients were better for my fine, protein-craving hair. I had no issues with weigh-down with either product.

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Why might it weigh hair down?
Originally Posted by rbouwens
Because it's a pretty heavy, thick product. Many people prefer using light conditioners to wash with--for me, using heavy conditioners is not a problem. My hair likes protein, too, but I get it in other ways so lack of protein in my wash isn't an issue.
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I've noticed that my hair doesn't get oily at all with Hair One - is that a good sign that these other products might work?
I love the Eden body works deep conditioner & it also works well as a leave in. It won't weigh your hair down. I haven't tried the cowash but can't wait to try it.
I've tried various cowashes/cleansing conditioners: Jessicurl, CJ Daily Fix, Darcy's Botanicals. And yes, As I am and the Eden Cowash this year.

My fave used to be CJ Daily Fix. Now, it's the Eden Cowash. It's amazing. Really cleans without weighing down finer hair. Had a mild sort of 'foaminess" that is reassuring. Smells good (not cloying).

As I Am's is okay. But the Eden rocks.
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I have used the As I Am. The first time I used it, it stripped my hair and it felt dry and rough. I have thick and coarse hair. I had no issues with it weighing my hair down, and the second time I used it, it was gentler but still more of a deeper clean than I wanted. I can only use it from time to time.

I love several of their products but the co wash and double butter (and the moisture milk LI. They are not rich enough for my hair) are probably my least favorites.
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I haven't tried the As I Am but the Eden Bodyworks rocks! You only need a tiny bit because it foams up and spreads. Hair is clean and moisturized when you are done. It's a staple for me. I just grabbed a couple more during the Gray Friday sale
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I've used As I am co wash and I had to get a lot of it. Its not that thick. It does get the job done but doesn't really moisturize but I'm more for the cleaning part for this one and it does have some slip to it where you can get your fingers through easily.

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