Clear glaze for taming grays

I was going to post this in the Over 40 section, but since we had talked about this here in General Discussion over the summer, this is where I decided to post.

Some of you may remember that when I had my hair cut over the summer, my stylist had recommended I try a clear glaze the next time to tame my grays and smooth their textures a little. So I had it done last weekend and I wanted to report back.

As she was putting the mixture in (she had to go in the back room and mix it up, just like regular color) I asked her how it would work. She said that it was an acid-based product that would lift the cuticle slightly and let the glaze molecules into the hair shaft to fill in the holes and smooth the hair strand, just like a regular color process would but without the pigment. (Side note to Myrna, if you're out there: she told me she could also add a small amount of pigment to it, if I wanted, to help blend my grays if I wanted that - she said as it grew out there would be a little bit of a line, but not a dramatic one. I said no thanks, as I'm completely transitioned now and don't want to do the line thing again - but maybe that's an option for you as you grow your gray out?). She worked the product in from root to tip and sat me in a chair to wait for about 15-20 minutes. When done, she rinsed it out, put in stylers, and sat me under the dryer as usual.

I can report that my hair overall is much smoother, particularly the canopy layer, which is normally a lot rougher to the touch. It's shinier, I see fewer grays sticking out in all directions, and it seems like they're laying better and staying clumped with their curls. My stylist told me that I might notice a loosening of my curl pattern for a short time, but I haven't had any issues with that. It hasn't worked a miracle - I'm not suddenly frizz-free with perfect ringlets or anything like that, but I do see a noticeable difference in my hair.

Overall, I'm happy with the results and I could see myself doing it regularly. I would want to ask if there's any potential for damage with this process, though, and if there is, I'd need to think about that.

Just wanted to report back and let you know how it went.
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What are the glaze molecules, hydrolysed protein or fatty acids or silicones or something else?
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Definitely not silicones, but other than that, I have no earthly idea. :-)
Sulfate/non-water-soluble silicone free since 8/16/10
Northern VA
Med-coarse, normal porosity, low elasticity
Dye-free since 11/2010

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