Blunt Cuts For Curly Hair?

Do blunt haircuts look good on curly hair(3c-4a)? I'm going to cut my hair either in December (Happy Christmas/Kwanzaa/Hanukkah) or February (Happy Birthday to me!) to donate to charity, but I really want to know if I should go with a blunt haircut, or layers, or what. I really need info, so if you have any, please, enlighten me.
I've been reading a lot on curly haircuts lately and it seems like long layers cut at a 45deg angle is the best way to go but as everything else it's your hair and ultimately your decision
It can work depending on your curl pattern.

One of the very few hairstylists who did a good job on my hair before I found Deva cuts, also cut my hair dry and with the curl, cutting the length at the sides and back essentially in a blunt cut, but cut my canopy in short layers. I think the reasons this worked well was that while the hair on my crown is at least 3b, the sides and back are 3a. Now I get Deva cuts, and my hair is cut in long layers, which also works because my 3a areas are getting long enough to curl more, and my 3b area is getting long enough for some of the curl to be pulled out of my extremely fine hair, making it appear looser.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
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