late night honey disaster = candy floss head!

Just thought I'd let you hear about my (well intentioned!) hair DISASTER this evening...

I have been loving the effect that mixing a little bit of honey with my cond has been giving - so this evening, whilst I was having a general play about with my mop, I thought that I would try using it as a styler - mixing it with water and slopping it on my curls. An hour later, its dry, and those curls are tight! Crikey! But then I touched, and it felt abit sticky - I tried to run my fingers through and OWWWW! After 40 mins of combing, in agony, and plaiting it tightly so I could go to bed, I thought I'd be ok until I wash tomorrow (all this was going on between 11pm and midnight - and I didn't fancy starting the whole washing thing then).

But could I sleep? Could I bugger. I just lay awake, terrified of waking up with the worlds biggest, immovable 'honey stuck' tangle, which would have to be cut out!!

So now I'm sat - at half midnight, with wet hair, and it seems my whole morning hair routine has started before I've even gone to bed.

Why oh why?!?!?!?!?!?

I cotton candied by own head!

CT x
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LOL, I'm pretty sure I know how you feel, it's the "why couldn't I leave well enough alone!" I've been reading tons of posts since last Friday when I discovered this site and yours is by far the funniest, I laughed out loud and I'm still smiling. I'm sorry, the visual is too much! Hope it all works out.
I hope you don't have ants
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LOL as soon as I read the title!! Thats what experiments are all about. Really sorry this happened, But I am still giggling.
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Ewww, I went through something like that too. I tried mixing a small dab with my leave in conditioner, diluted with water. I hadn't planned on going anywhere that day, so luckily no one had to see it. It was a stringy, sticky mess! I've read where ladies have had good luck mixing it with their stylers. Not for me!
sorry about your mishap. I've read about curlies using honey in their stylers. But they emphasize to ONLY use a drop mixed with gel. Now, I've never tried this but I know a few curlies like the results.
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He he he, I cant help but laugh my head off, and I too have had my fair share of disasters. Sorry

Honey doesn't work for me at all, I have tried.

Good on toast though!
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I'm new to this site as well, and have only been trying the CG routine for about 2.5 weeks. But on a whim, I mixed a little bit of honey into a spray bottle of warm water with a few drops of jojoba oil. Like you said, the curls were a lot tighter than ever before with anything else to date...but there is the stiffness. It wasn't really even scrunchable to get rid of crunch. I can't imagine trying to move the hair afterward in any way is a definate must-rinse-before-styling-again thing.
Are those bees buzzing around your head?

<swatting at bees so they don't sting CT>
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