does honey ligthen up dark hair?

i have dark hair and i want to start using honey but im afraid that it will lighten up my hair.. will it?

Thanks in advance,

It gives me red highlights, my hair reddens as it lightens. It definitely lightens hair. It's not extreme but it happens.
You can always use molasses instead
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I have been using honey alot practically everyday or so for about almost a year .either mixed with my condish or doing honey rinses. i have dark brown hair , looks black when wet and so far it hasnt lighten my hair , if it did i wouldnt mind , been wanting to try molasses for a while now.
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I used to use honey everyday-have med-light reddish hair that changes every so often. I never noticed major lightening, but I really want to try molasses. I used both the honey and the molasses deep conditioners from MHC(don't recall names right now), and both are great, but the molasses was wonderful so I bet straight up it would be pretty awesome
over how long of a period of time does the hair lighten? say for example if i put honey in my hair everyday would you see results in 3 months or something? does anyone know?

and another thing, does the hair just get lighter or do you have to do something in order for it to get lighter, like stand in the sun for 20 minutes a week or a day or something?

thanks so much
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Combining honey and water releases a small amount of peroxide, which causes the lightening effect. It's very gradual. I would expect you might see a difference over 3 months. And no, it wouldn't be necessary to go stand in the sun, although the sun by itself could lighten your hair.
I haven't noticed any difference in my hair.
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