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WavyRoo 10-10-2013 06:40 PM

Has anyone tried Spiralicious, yet?
I'm curious about Jessicurl's new harder hold gel. Has anyone tried it? Is it like KCCC or BRHG, maybe? I want more info before I dish out the dough to buy a bottle.

Jessiebanana 10-10-2013 07:55 PM

I won't because it has polyquat 11. It's a very glue like ingredient. Your hair will be very clumpy and frizz free, but it's the type of flexible crunch that can't be scrunched out. No thank you Jessicurl.

BotticelliBrit 10-11-2013 04:15 AM

Agree with Jessiebanana - I'm going to pass!

Rednaturalcurls 10-11-2013 09:09 AM

I bought it and I love it. I am basically getting exact same results as i was using two products (confident coils and gelebration spray) except I now have almost zero frizz. Thats a win for me. I don't find it to be sticky or snotty feeling like some gels can be and it scrunches out just fine, no crunch. It is quickly becoming my new favorite.

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Curlsnswirls 10-12-2013 07:37 PM

I'd like to see more reviews myself. Reviews at curlmart are very good so far. I admit I want to try this out. I wished carried it.

kaykre 10-12-2013 09:35 PM

I don't like it so far. It's more of a cream gel and does NOT have strong hold like the description says... Deva Light Defining Gel has more hold for me.

Made my hair very limp.

Curlsnswirls 10-13-2013 10:47 PM


Originally Posted by kaykre (Post 2215539)
I don't like it so far. It's more of a cream gel and does NOT have strong hold like the description says... Deva Light Defining Gel has more hold for me.

Made my hair very limp.

That's too bad. I just ordered the free sample from Jessicurl. Hopefully it's enough to try atleast two different times in my hair, This way I can get a better feel of how I like it. We shall see.

Ondulee 11-01-2013 03:59 PM

any update on this new gel? was it really a harder hold gel? I find most gels that say they are hard hold aren't least in my hair.

Corrina777 11-01-2013 06:07 PM

Just tried this for the first time today. It's a harder hold gel than anything else Jessicurl has, but I would put the actual hold level around a medium.

chloe92us 11-01-2013 06:27 PM


Originally Posted by Curlsnswirls (Post 2215524)
I wished carried it.

They do now, as of today. Curlmart had the exclusive on it for the month of October.

I ordered a sample and loved it, so I ordered a bottle today from aveyou along with some other JC products.

The hold wasn't as hard as say LAL or BRHG, but the frizz control, clumping, and definition I got was crazy good. I even got third day hair. THREE! Some are saying they are getting build up from it, but I'm willing to try it since I got amazing results from the sample. I'll report back after I've used it a few more times. I will say, this is the first styling product I've been excited about in a while. Most things work pretty well for me, my hair is fairly agreeable. But this stuff was AWESOME.

sheilacurl 11-01-2013 06:50 PM

Thanks for letting us know that aveyou is carrying it now.

WavyRoo 11-02-2013 09:57 AM

Wow, Chloe! I really trust your opinion- please keep us updated! I may have to order some...

WavyRoo 11-02-2013 09:59 AM

Chloe- her products tend to get me over conditioned pretty it as moisturizing as her other stuff IYO?

chloe92us 11-02-2013 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by WavyRoo (Post 2220511)
Chloe- her products tend to get me over conditioned pretty it as moisturizing as her other stuff IYO?

This is a line I haven't tried yet (except for the gel sample), so I don't know! I just ordered the hair cleansing cream, RR, CC & Spiralicious.

asianrunner 11-02-2013 04:56 PM

I got my sample in the mail yesterday so was excited to try it out today!

I normally need a really hard holding gel (I like to mix CJ Curl Queen or CJ PP with BRHG) and I think it's doing a decent job on its own. I used Oyin Hair Dew as my leave-in, KCCC and then Spiralicious as my gel.

I do agree that while it gives me nice clumps and waves and decent hold, it's taking forever to dry.

Curlsnswirls 11-02-2013 05:07 PM

I've received my sample as well but have not had a chance to try it out. I've been having awesome results with ck so I've not been using anything else. I will try this soon though. I should've used it today since I didn't go anywhere :angry3:.

rbb 11-03-2013 05:11 PM

chloe --- how would you compare this to ufdcm?

chloe92us 11-03-2013 07:19 PM


Originally Posted by rbb (Post 2220812)
chloe --- how would you compare this to ufdcm?

Similar texture and feel, but the JC is a creamy color.

I use UFD more as my curl enhancer layer, but I always have to top it with a harder hold gel.

Spiralicious seemed to have the hold that UFD doesn't give me (I live in a very humid climate and have coarse hair, so clumps staying intact is my #1 concern).

I promise I'll report in more detail after I get mine and play with it a few times.

rbb 11-04-2013 07:23 AM

chloe --- now that spiralicious is on aveyou,it will be much more affordable than ufdcm, so i'll be waiting for your more complete review! thanks!

Rednaturalcurls 11-04-2013 02:30 PM

I'm still loving it. I havent had any issues with build up. I was having that with Confident Coils and that sucked so this is a happy improvement. Its keeping my curl definition nice even on second day hair (which is a I can't acheive second day with it down regardless of product). Good stuff! :)

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