Please help me!

Hello there. I came across this wonderful website and just had to join!
The problem is, with my curls they're really curly at the bottom, but go straight at the's not terribly bad, for years i've kept it that way. It's only near the roots and a bit further down.
Recently I went to a hairdresser are she used a diffuser! It was great, she even got the top bits curly. I was so impressed, I bought one myself.
However, i've used it about 3 times now and I'm not having much luck!
Does any one have any tips?
I'm keeping the hair dryer on setting 1 and using circular motions on the roots and it's been fully wet.

Micki x
Couple of things...
This site has a section detailing how to Plop/plunk to remove excess water while encouraging curl formation, also it will explain how to apply product and diffuse hair so as to achieve super looking curls. You don't have to use her prods but the techniques are the important part.
Plopping/Plunking is a great way to get curls all way to the scalp. Before I started doing it I had similar probs with straightness at the root. Now I get better chunkier curls. Although it does take some practice, the results are worth it for a lot of people.
Diffusing is a long process for curlies. It takes me at least 30 min or more to get it even halfway dry.
Hope this helps!
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Another thing that might help is clipping the roots. There are various ways to do this -- some people use metal clips, or plastic. I like to use two medium jaw clips along my part while I diffuse.

Straighter roots are typical of type 3a hair (which I have) and it's just how that hair type is.
Thanks for the help guys!!
Oh and suzie, you said your hair is 3a.. and i've been reading other people have different types of curly hair, could you or someone else explain to me what thats about?
I'm so sorry I'm so ignorant with all the curly stuff.
I'm 15, and for alot of my life have straightened my hair. I love my curls now though!! Woo, go curls!

Micki x
Here is a link to the hair type page on Glad to meet you, glad you found the site! Have fun!!
3B Corkscrew... I'm back on the boards now! Just got The Big Chop on Monday, pics coming soon.
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Here's a link to the curl types.

Though some people feel it's time to update them!

If your hair is 3a, it typically would be less curly when short, but would get more curly as it gets longer -- say, below the shoulders. And as I said, it usually is pretty straight near the roots. 3b and 3c are springy and curly near the roots, and get curlier when short.

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