Something like JC Too Shea?

Hi All,

Thank you all for your wonderful posts. I'm in my twenties now. If only I'd known how to properly take care of my hair during those angsty high school years!

I've had some good success with JC Too Shea. BUT, it's so expensive and I use a lot with my thick, dry hair.

Has anyone had any luck alternating with something a bit cheaper? Another product that moisturizes without the buildup?

I love love love Suave Tropical coconut condish, i use it as a leave in too. It has great slip and isn't too heavy to weight down my curls. It goes really well under my other stylers. I have taken to using this as a co wash and my too shea a leave in in the winter. I saves prod and acts as a light daily DT-leave in. I am currently on the look out for a good cheap alterative to Too Shea also so I will post when I find one. In the mean time I am also waiting on a shipment of unrefined shea butter and shea oil to use as a leave in and will post my results.
I have read on this site and others that pure unrefined shea butter is a great natural moisturizing hair prod and a little goes a long way. I'm going to try to warm some of it up and add it to my Suave too.
You may also try to add some jojoba, coconut or kukui oils to a cheaper condish for better results without the $$. You can get them on eBay or at a natural food store.
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Just fyi, Jessicurl has 10% off everything through tomorrow, 3/1 & 10% off liters, which would mean if you got a liter of Too Shea by tomorrow, it would be 20% off I wish I needed more and had the xtra $$$ right now
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Back to Basics Pomegranate conditioner is excellent, safe for CG, and if you can find the liter size on sale, can be economical. I got a liter at Ulta for $12.50 a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if it's still on sale, but Trade Secret also sometimes has sales on the liters.
In LB's Conditioner Chronicles thread, she compared Desert Essence's Italian Red Grape conditioner to Too Shea as a quick replacement for it if you don't have time to wait for your order to arrive. I got some and will say that while it's not TS, I can see how you could use it as TS if you run out. It's very thick and creamy. Also, have you tried Kenra Moisturizing conditioner?
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