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Hey people, so in about 3 days, theres a celebration coming up and i want to straighten my hair for the day. SHOULD I OR SHOULD I NOT?
Well, it's really up to you, but I say no :P Even a single time flat ironing can really damage your hair, and it's just not worth it. Curls are so beautiful, and think about all of the girls who spend money having their hair curled for celebrations! You definitely don't need to fry your hair to look gorgeous(:
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I agree, don't. I used to straighten mine full time and it took my curl months to come back.. in fact it's still not all the way back. Early on from going back to curly I tried straightening just for one day and it had a big effect on my curls. How about a nice updo instead?
I wouldn't straighten either. I stopped straightening my hair in May & some spots in my head that won't curl at all. That was five months ago. I'm still trying to get it to curl. I'm good if I get a wave. Lol A nice updo is in order.
Its ultimately your decision. But if you do, please use a silicone beforehand for protection, then you'll have to clarify on your next wash. One time in a long time with the right protection isn't going to absolutely kill your hair. But if this is a more frquent ordeal, I wouldn't recommend it. Depends where your hair is at health-wise and if you're OK with doing this. It is possible to harm the curl pattern. Once I grew a lot of my "straightener hair" out, my curl pattern went from a 2b to a 2c and 3a in spots.
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If you really want to and it's a one-off thing I don't see why not. I still straighten mine occasionally and it's fine, though I would agree with sixelamy and make sure you protect it and look after it afterwards.
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If you do, be sure and use a heat protectant. Aveda Brilliant Damage Control is a silicone free heat protectant, as is Curly Hair Solutions ReMane Straight.

I would also recommend using a flat iron with a reliable thermostat, set on the lowest temperature which will work with your hair. On mine, that's 180F, and straightens my hair on one pass. Solia also has an excellent tourmaline ceramic iron with a thermostat and other desirable features at about half the price. Folica also has a recycling program on their appliances over a certain amount, which I think both of these are, which gives you $40 off if you send them an old hair dryer or flat iron, but I'm not finding the link right now.

That said, I'd be more tempted to flaunt those curls. They may not be as great as you know they're going to be, but all those people who only knew you with bored straight hair won't know that. They're just going to be blown over by the real you.

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I say no too lol :P curls are so beautiful and unique! So many people would love to have curls like ours and straightening it really damages it! I plan on never dying or straightening my hair again!!! I love my curls 💕 and just doing it one time can make you want to do it often and damage it more.
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Get a blow out instead of using a straightening iron if that's the route you're going.
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^^^ That's a great (alternative) idea for her!
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