Secret to volume at roots = water only?

I’ve never really tried the curly girl routine how LM suggests; my usual routine is to CO wash scalp and condition length every other day, on days when I didn’t wash I would just tie my hair back as I can never get 2nd day hair.

I decided to try a week of daily water only rinses, as a result the volume and curl at my roots is unbelievable! This has been my morning routine since Monday… bend forwards so my head is upside down and massage scalp whilst hair is dry, when my fingers feel like they have some natural oil on I then run my hands down my length to try and distribute some of the oils. I then rinse my hair in cool water (still upside down) when my hair is saturated I start very gently detangling from the ends, massaging and rinsing my scalp a little more and continue detangling up to my roots. I then shake my head a little to break the curls up; apply my leave in conditioner and leave to dry naturally. I’ve never had volume like this at my roots before from air drying! My curls are looking a little more wild then when I use conditioner to wash but for the moment its looking great! I think the further down my hair the natural oils reach the better my hair will be in terms of curliness and frizz reduction, just wonder how long I can cope with it though! I must admit, it doesn’t feel half as dirty or greasy as I thought it would. My aim is to eventually get down to only CO washing my scalp once a week, maybe condition my length twice a week and rinse in water the rest of the time… would save me a packet!! Detangling without conditioner is a little scary at first but its gotten so much easier through the week.

ETA: this isn't strictly what LM suggests either... from memory (i don't have the book to hand) shes doesn't suggest WO on the length, i just wanted to experiement!! (she advocates water only scalp washes with conditioner on the length daily if poss and then conditioner scalp washes when you feel the need... i think!)! Also, i've been enjoying scalp massages before bet to and i might be going mad but my hair feels longer already!?
Hmm I've never tried skipping the rinse out conditioner. Now you know I want to try it! I'm just at home anyway so if it's terrible no one is going to care
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
He he… like you’re attitude Medusa… you can always try and if detangling becomes too difficult revert back to the rinse out condish!
so basically your natural oils are coating your hair and you are product free except for the leave in conditioner? Your not using anything else? and haven't been since monday? Is you hair a little frizzy? What is your hair type?
I'm still waiting on it to dry but the top has more movement.

I've been using JC Aloeba as a leave in to try it out since it's low humidity right now and Aveda flax seed gel. These two have been rinsing super clean so I had been thinking I might not need a rinse out since I felt pretty well conditioned already.
I used those two after I rinsed my hair. I didn't scrub or move the oil. I just scrunched them in really well and blotted with papertowels and I'm air drying now.
So far it looks promising
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!
Hey heavengirl...

Ye, i guess the aim of my experiement was to see how my curls reacted to my natural oils! I don't know if i'd say the whole of my hair is coated though, probably about the top two inches at the moment. I once read somewhere that one of the reasons curls hair can be so fragile is because its so hard for out natural oils to reach the ends.

I've just been using my leave in, my hair is 3a/b and is quite fine, it also detangles quite easily and my hair is well adjusted to conditioner only so i don't suffer too bad from the greasies and its in pretty good condition! Its a little frizzer than usual today but my curls are still fairly defined.

Anyway... i'll keep you posted and maybe add some pics tomorrow!
I thought about doing that, but my hair is SO thick it's hard to detangle with conditioner sometimes.

Did you just rub the oils through your hair when it was dry or did you detangle some too?
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
At the moment i'm just detangling when its completely saturated in water, i'm not brave enough to try detangling when its dry!

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