finally have a local Walgreens-what should I look for?

The Walgreens that was being built near me. Besides Activate, what should I look for there?


I haven't been here due to my son being sick, then I was sick, and now I have jury duty...
I think I read that some people have found B2B there. Also, the L'Oreal Out of Bed. Right now they actually have buy one get one free for L'Oreal and GF and VO5. So, I was forced to buy L'Oreal Totally Twisted since I got one for free and will probably be back today to get something else before the sale ends!
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Walgreens has the L'oreal Out of Bed , otherwise known as LOOB, that some of us are having really good luck with (see the 15 page thread on the review forum for more info ) , plus the L'oreal Tightly Wound spray gel. Anyway Walgreens has them BOGO this week!
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Some Walgreens have Activate hydrating conditioner, that's a good conditioner.
They also carry Biosilk rock hard gelee there if you like super hold gels.
Lemme go over the isle again in my mind see what I remember.......They have White rain naturals for Co washing for $1 there......

I just know i"m forgetting something but someone else already mentioned the Loob
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I buy Neutrogena shampoo in the box there. It's a good clarifying one.
Walgreens really carries B2B??? Is this true?? That would be so exciting!! I can't find it anywhere and I really don't want to have to order it online.
If you like mousse, it seems like the Clairol brand (purple and white can) is found at Walgreens.
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