My daughter, who is 8, used to be a 3b with long beautiful hair. Now her hair is straight with lots of body. The problem we are having is tangles. She is getting knots at the nape of her neck. Any suggestions on what I can do with her hair? I have used some products that I use for myself, just regular conditioners. I can't find anything to prevent the tangles. Thanks in advance.
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I've always had rather bad tangles and while I can recommend some good detangling conditioners, I don't know of any that actually prevent them or I would definitely start using them. Something that helps somewhat is sleeping with my hair up in a pineapple at night and sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Other than that Devacurl One Condition and Kenra Moisturizing conditioner are awesome detanglers.
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Giovanni 50/50 co. is quite detangling and very nice. DevaCurl OneC is really detangling as well but it makes me break out. :P
I like Slip or Slip Detangler from C.H.S. My hair used to be down to my tush and would get horribly tangled and no amount of conditioner would help. It doesn't look like much in the bottle but it worked wonders on my tangled mess. I don't know if they have it in the curlmart but you can check out their website
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