Thank you for making my day a little better.


I was having kind of a bad day earlier today I was sitting in class waiting for the prof to start lecturing when a girl who I usually sit by came up behind me and said, "Your hair looks really pretty today."


I don't generally get compliments on my hair while here at school. I don't think people my age like curly hair all that much. In fact, most of the compliments I've ever recieved on my hair come from older women.

Anyways, I've been using this routine that seems to be working worders for getting my hair to curl up much more than usual. And it's taking me about 1/2 the time that it used to. Probably because I'm trying to work with it more than work against it. I'm getting closer to complete acceptance, I think...

So here's my new routine:

-Shower around 10:00 pm
-Use a small drop of suave coconut conditioner to scrub my scalp.
-Rinse this out in warm water
-Condition like normal w/ the suave conditioner and comb my hair w/ a wide toothed comb. leave it in while I finish the rest of my shower
-Rinse this out most of the way but not fully w/ cool water
-Flip head over
-Do a cold water honey rinse that I read about on here.
-Apply G.F C&S leave-in
-Mix together HE SMU with a small drop of brhg and a small drop of honey.
-Immediately put my hair into a t-shirt for plopping.
-Leave on until 2 am when I go to bed (college hours)
-Usually my hair is still almost completely wet when I take it out of the t-shirt, so I go to bed with wet hair, and I fan it out accross my pillow


I wake up with beautiful curls!!!!!! I don't have to worry about walking to class with wet hair!
This week has been a great curl week for me. I hope others are having the same luck.
Good for you!!

Sounds like you've got your routine down pat. I'm sure your hair looks gorgeous!!

Isn't t nice to get compliments on your curls??
3B, with oodles and oodles of curly hair!
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Been CG since 2005 and never looked back!

Sounds like you've got a routine that works. Which is awesome. I wish I could figure out the going to sleep with wet hair thing, but I just move too much . . .
embracing my inner curl since late Nov 2006
2b/3a (I think?)
color-treated red/brown, medium-textured hair
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I used to toss and turn a lot too, but then I asked for one of those memory foam pillows for christmas and it helps with the tossing and turning a LOT!

ha I sound like an infomercial

"Are you sick of tossing and turning at night?"
YAY! Congrats!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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