No heat waves that are comfy to sleep in??

I've been on a journey the past couple weeks to find a no-heat method for getting my 3B curly (and unruly) hair to relax into a wavy hairstyle like Selena Gomez possesses. I've got it to work with a curling iron, but I'm curious to see if I can achieve it overnight without heat.

Any suggestions? I cannot tell you how many tutorials I've watched of girls with pin straight, long, unlayered hair showing you how to get beach wavy hair with no heat...of course it's going to work great for them--their hair is easier to work with!! LOL. It may not be possible for me to achieve this, so if nothing else, I'll provide links to what I've tried so you all can try them to if you want.

What I've learned so far...

- I cannot twist sections of my hair and pin it up or bun it up; The twisting makes it go crazy directions.
- I've tried simply winding it in circles, and pinning it to the top of my head, but this technique only curled the bottom half of my hair and left the top of my hair flat and straight. (Keep in mind I can't do too many sections--I want it to be big waves.)
- I haven't tried it yet, but the headband method will surely make the top of my head flat, and create a dent. My hair dents easily.
- Bantu knots are out because just looking at them makes me think 'uncomfortable.' If I have time during the day I would give them a shot.
- Sponge rollers with rags technique. It says they're comfy, but it looks like you have to create a lot of sections. And they only curled the bottom hair of this girl's hair.
- Anyone try Curformers? They look like they could work.
- This twist method looks like it would work great for girls with thick hair. It's similar to my bandana method below.

The best luck I've had so far is with Bandana no heat curls and No heat bandana waves, but they are bulky to sleep on and again, only curls the bottom hair of my hair.

Maybe my solution lies in a french braid? I have layered hair, so I'm not sure how this would work.
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Two braids?
I used to do my straight haired sister's hair with strips of an old t shirt. She loved it but she's indenial and uses heat haha.
Anyway I been wantingnto try curl formers too!
Maybe rollers? In general braids work fairly well

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If you are looking for EXACTLY like Selena Gomez, then you have to use a curling iron for those lose waves.

If you don't want to be exact, and like some variations, then there are some options. You can put your hair into 2 buns (think Princess it if you must) and sleep that way. This will give you soft waves with no heat. Bantu Knots are not hard to sleep with at all if you do not do them too tight.

You can also do 1 or 2 braids and go to sleep, the braids will give you tighter waves, but they are so easy to sleep on. You can also do rope braids for more of an S-wave than a crimp.

Curlformers are great for heatless curls, but are REALLY hard to sleep on. Like nearly impossible. So overnight styling with those is not worth it, but since they take a while to dry, I would either use them on a day where your hair needed to look good at night and you have nothing to do during the day, or get up early and install them, then use a hooded or bonnet dryer to dry.

Another option is to take a paper towel and fold into a triangle, then twist the triangle into a long roller-like shape. Then wrap a large section of your hair around the paper towel and then bring the ends of the paper towel together and tie them in a knot. Do like 6-8 large sections.

I hope one of these can help.

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