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Hello! Inn extremely new to this and I thought this would be the perfect place to get help. Throughout my middle school and high school years all I ever used was Aussie products for my styling and shampoo. My last two years of high school I took cosmetology and all I did as a color my hair. I'm about two years out of school and I've tried switching over to better products (sulfate and alcohol free, moisturizing) and I'm not paying for what I've done to my hair. Nothing seems to work and products that should work, don't! I've cut a foot of my hair off and I currently use redkin ringlets and the leave in restorative conditioner but my hair is still fried, frizzy, and breaks off in the shower. Here's the order of how my hair went (sorry for the faces) Hair crisis!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1383324132.541220.jpgHair crisis!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1383324147.272532.jpgHair crisis!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1383324162.750083.jpgHair crisis!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1383324172.148348.jpg

Can anyone help? I need shampoo, conditioner, and products that'll help me out!! Thank you!
Did the Aussie products work for your hair? If so go back to using them. There are people who find their hair behaves when using products that aren't recommended simply because everyone's hair is different.

Alternatively you could try using the Tresemme Naturals range as that's also not expensive.
Are you using a deep conditioner and a leave in conditioner? Or just a leave in? Redken products don't work for me. The All Soft used to when I was pre-CG, but since L'Oreal bought Redken (and Matrix - Biolage) they've changed a lot of the formulas and are awful now. For me, deep conditioner treatment once a week and a good leave in conditioner is vital for moisturizing my hair & eliminating the frizz.
More expensive does not necessarily mean better for your hair. You could be having the frizzies for lots of reasons including but not limited to protein overload, glycerin use in a low dew point, not having enough moisture in your can go on and on.

Luckily a lot of this can be treated easily (as in easy to do, not quick fixes) by just upping the amount of moisture in your hair. Upping the moisture can help get some softness back into the hair and restore the protein/moisture balance that was upset by ODing on protein. Too much protein= frizzies and breakage. When your hair is not properly moisturized it will look for moisture in the air and that can cause frizzies as well. You can up the moisture by doing regular deep treatments (once a week is plenty, but at least 1-2 times a month), using a moisturizing conditioner AND a LI. I love Aussie Moist as a RO and maybe you should look into using their 3 minute DEEEEP treatment. But good moisturizing RO in general have water as the first ingredient and a moisturizing alcohol like Ceteryl in the top 5. If you are looking for good ingredients and lots of moisture, I like Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner (do not get the shampoo, your hair will be a nest), or White Camellia. All of them are super moisturizing and you can detangle with them. As for LIs the same rule applies, I look for water to be the first ingredient and things that follow to be moisturizing. With LIs I tend to want a more natural product than my rinse out, and I like Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Oyin Handmade's Hair Dew, AG Cosmetics Fast Food (not as natural as the other two, but I like it). These are pretty moisturizing and play well with stylers (ie. I don't get the white stuff in my hair).

If you think that your hair is getting sufficient enough moisture and is not overloaded with protein, then you may be having glycerin problem. Some people are glycerin/humectant sensitive, which means depending on the weather and your hair, if a product has glycerin high up in the ingredient mix then it can cause your hair to frizz. Glycerin is a humectant and is designed to bring moisture to your hair. In the summer or high dews (read due points above 70), glycerin can be too good at its job and can bring too much moisture from the air into your hair and cause it to frizz. This can be prevented by using an oil or a glycerin-free gel as a sealant or just avoiding glycerin in the summer altogether. In the winter or low dews, glycerin does some funky things. In the winter the air is pretty dry, but it wants to be moist and it will look for moisture where it can get it. If glycerin is in your hair when the air is dry glycerin can cause moisture to be taken out of your hair from the dry air. This can cause frizzies since your hair will be all "I want my moisture back" and will reach out into the air to try to get it. Using oils as a sealant helps, but its just better to avoid glycerin in low dew points. You can find out the dew point in your area by looking at the weather channel website or use Naturally Curly's Frizz Forecast. The Frizz Forecast helps you decide what kind of products work better in your hair on a given day and lets you make an informed decision, and its programmed based on dews. Just put in your hair type and zip code. If you have more than one hair type then put in the hair type that you have the most of in your hair.

But if you are using a lot of Redken products, I suspect that the Mineral Oil could be a problem for you. Products with mineral oil tend to be drying instead of moisturizing...the higher it is up on the ingredient list, the more problems you will have. I avoid mineral oil altogether...its evil. EVIL

Hope this helps.

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Do you know your hair properties? This would be the first step to understanding what your hair needs. From there I would search the boards for people with similar properties and see what kinds of products they use.

Live Curly, Live Free: Curly Hair Basics
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I was using Redken products (and I loved Ringlet) prior to going CG, but my hair was getting more and more like straw. Once I learned about Curly Girling, I kicked those products out, and started the program, beginning with cheap products available at the drugstore (I'm sure I didn't spend as much as $10 on them). I could tell there was a big difference in my hair right from the start. I read here, and bought the book, and gradually got a sense of which products I wanted to try. Back in those days, we didn't start with a silicone free, sulfate cleanse to clarify, and once all of my pre-CG hair was all cut off, my hair condition has been hugely improved (I could tell a difference after every Deva cut, but a major improvement at that point).
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