Is glycerin bad for hair?

I've got naturally 2c waves (heat and chemical damage has them at 2A at the moment). My hair likes coconut oil so i guess it's not protein sensitive my hair is really dry always so I wanted to try out shea moisture deep treatment masque. It's got vegetable glycerin and I hear about a lot of people avoiding that ingredient. Is it damaging?
It is not damaging, but I avoid it with anything I leave in my hair. I have high porosity and live in an area with high dews so for me, it causes major frizz. Humectants can dry out hair in low dew too.
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I have completely the opposite reaction to glycerin, it smooths and removes frizz in my hair. It's the closest thing I've found to replace the silicone serums I used to rely on preCG.
Coconut oil contains no protein, unless improperly processed. It does however enhance the hair's ability to retain protein. True proteins are listed as "hydrolyzed" things, "amino acids", "protein", as well as some whole proteins that aren't listed with the word "protein" (soymilk and collagen, for example). Hydrolyzed proteins are especially beneficial to people with heat or dye damage, because they help patch repair.

As far as glycerin, it's not damaging, but can cause frizz or dryness. Some can use it year round without issue, while others have issues in low or high dews. Those that have issues with it in low or high dews tend to have more problems with it in stylers that remain in the hair, as opposed to rinse out products used in the shower. Even in a desert environment, glycerin should be a good thing in a moist, steamy shower because it will help attract water to the hair, alleviating dryness. I wouldn't necessarily avoid it in a deep treatment even in low dews.
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I'm another one who can use glycerin all year around. I make sure that I have enough moisture in my hair. That way, the dewpoint doesn't cause moisture to be drawn to my hair, or the air to pull the moisture out.

Another problem people have with glycerin is that it can "pull" color out. It happen with dyed hair. Makes the color fade more quickly.
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I live in Florida and are dews are in the 70's for 6 months a year (very humid). I can't use glycerin during these months or I get crazy poofy frizz as the day goes on. Now that dews are moderating I am bringing my glycerin stylers back out and can use them without problems. You'll have to experiment and see how your hair reacts.

As far as coconut oil, it helps reduce porosity over time, so for porous curlies it is a great thing. But it doesn't necessarily mean your hair won't like protein as well. I have coarse hair and use protein at times. However, if I use too much too often, my curls lengthen and have trouble clumping.
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I can't use anything with glycerin in the summer. In fall, winter, and spring, I can use it with no trouble at all unless it's raining.
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My hair loves glycerin as well. I've seen no ill effects using it in low dews so far. My hair is actually a lot better now than it was in summer.

Glycerin can be very beneficial. Don't confuse "damaging" with the functionality.
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