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Do you like this hairstyle? (NEW PICTURES POSTED)

I know I've posted this picture before, but I really want some feedback. I know I just cut my hair, but I'm really considering a "big chop" to get rid of the last of my dyed/highlighted hair. Do you think this hairstyle is too "old lady-ish"? The last thing I want to do is look like my mom -- she's in my thanksgiving picture in my photo album. I don't think her hair looks's just not for me.

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i don't think you'd look like your mom...and i think this cut can be worn in different styles, depending on if you want it more classic looking or funky. i like this cut, i wish my hair would do it!
feed people -
Do it! It's a great cut, I've had it and love it and can't wait for mine to get grown out to it again.
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If I had the guts to cut my hair like that, I'd do it in a flash. It's a nice cut and as someone said it can be worn funky or classical.
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OMG, your hair is gorgeous just as it is right now!

I don't like the shape of Keri's hair with this cut. It looks like she has no style and is just suffering through the growing out stage. If you want to go shorter, I'd choose something with a little more spunk.

But I love your hairstyle right now. It's beautiful!
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Cyndi, I like the hair style. I'm getting my hair cut at Devachan on Saturday and I may ask for a style like that. My hair is much curlier's than Keri's though and one thing that I'm worried about is the maintance. With a cut like that, I think you would have to get it cut more frequently to keep it looking good. I have a baby and frequent haircuts are not on my agenda at the moment.

Another thing is that my hair looks like crap on the 2nd day. Right now, I can put it in a ponytail or pigtails and get away with it. With a short cut, I feel I would have to "do" my hair every single day. Anyway, I am going to talk it over with Carlos and see what he says.

If you have the Curly book, there is another pic of Keri on page 20. There, her hair seems much curlier than in the pic that you have here.

Please keep us posted as to your decision!!! Good luck and have fun!
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Thanks to everyone who has voted so far!

If you haven't voted, please do....the potential appointment is Wednesday.

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Cyndi, I think you will look beautiful with that cut.. and you can always grow it back out. It will be nice to have no chemicals in it. I know that feeling of wanting to have hair "au natural"! You have been talking about it for a while and so you must be really wanting to try it.. why not???
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OMG, your hair is gorgeous just as it is right now!

I don't like the shape of Keri's hair with this cut. It looks like she has no style and is just suffering through the growing out stage. If you want to go shorter, I'd choose something with a little more spunk.

But I love your hairstyle right now. It's beautiful!
Originally Posted by lovin_my_curls
I tend to agree with this. There's something about it I don't care for - not necessarily the length. I think maybe I don't like how much length difference there is between the sides and the back. It looks very inbetweeny to me.
I have to agree with it looking in-between or growing out. I have a coworker who used to have hair slightly shorter than this. Now her hair looks just like this, but i've always assumed it was just growing out. It looks slightly unkempt. I think it you're up for "doing" your hair on daily basis it would be okay, but if you're slightly lazy about your hair, it would just look messy.
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i like the cut, but for me, i think it would be hard to style. if you trust your hairstylist 100% and think you are able to style it, then i say go for it. but it seems like it would be a little hard to get it without the part and make the curls fall correctly. but, if you can to it, go for it! just my 2 cents...
I do like the cut, but I agree that I'd blend the top and the bottom better. But I love your current style! Esp your July 2003 photo. But I know how it is to want a change. I think the cut would look great on you, but have them blend the layers so it's a bit more even than Keri's picture.

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I got a little ambitious. I played around in graphics software and tried to duplicate Keri's cut shape with your hair. It's not that great a doctored photo (the National Inquirer isn't going to be beating down my door), but maybe you can glimpse what you may look like.

I think with your 3b curls, you need the length like Keri has in the photo you posted. I liked Keri's hair better at this length than shorter. When she initially cut it off, it looked poodle-ish. When she started growing it out, it got bigger before it got longer.

I wouldn't go too short or your 3b's will stick out. Keri's style here is a little softer than her hair is naturally, so she must be using a styling product to make her tight ringlets a little softer. I like the length.

Anyway, here's the edited photo attempt.

Sorry, but the resizing messed with the photo's quality. You will want to make sure the sides aren't too bulky. I took hair off the bottom and added a little volume to the sides to show the effect of the decreased length.

What do you think?
Whoa! That picture is pretty scary! Laurabeth, you are too much! I think you are my favorite poster! Fortunately, my curls generally aren't that curly -- that was an exceptionally good hair day! I'm still curls are actually very similar to Keri's so I'm not too worried about my hair curling up too much. But after seeing that photo....I"m a little worried I'll end up looking like a chia pet. I'll keep everybody posted on my decision.
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OMG, your hair is gorgeous just as it is right now!

But I love your hairstyle right now. It's beautiful!
Originally Posted by lovin_my_curls
so do I.

you kinda look like me's daughter from any day now.
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Any Day Now - is that a tv show?
I think that I deceive genius.
Any Day Now - is that a tv show?
Originally Posted by cyndi
I see it's a Lifetime TV the daughter's name Kelly? If so, the actress is Olivia Friedman.

I don't see the similarity, but that's the only picture I can find.
I think that I deceive genius.

I know today is the day. So one quick question. Do you have shorter layers (shorter than your length)? Do they have tighter or looser curl than the longer pieces?

That should give you some indication. Also, there are plenty of products out there that I could suggest to soften or loosen your curls if the photo I chose is the tightest your curls can be on a really good day.

Maybe, to meet halfway, you could cut your hair a couple of inches longer than your chin with fewer layers than Keri.
Laurabeth33, what products would you suggest to loosen curls???? My curls are tight and I'm getting my haircut on Saturday. Also comtemplating this same cut. Thanks!

Sorry to guano the thread! Can't wait to hear about your cut Cyndi!!!!
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Any moisture-rich, anti-frizz choice like Biolage Curl Creme, ISO Bouncy Creme, or such.

Stay away from mousses since they help with volume, which you wouldn't want.

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