What Does "2nd Day Hair" Mean?

Hi all,
I've been thinking about this for a very long time. And I would like some advice if anyone can help me. Well, I have naturally wavy hair, and it looks great the days I wash it. I put some mousse, or gel, or pretty much anything and curl it with my fingers a bit, and voila..it looks great and natural. I'm happy .
BUT then, night comes and I'm not sure what to do. Because morning comes, and that pretty wavy/curly hair is limp, and worst of all frizzy. I smooth it with some leave-in but not the same.
So my question to anyone who has similar wavy/curly hair is what is the best thing to do to have that natural, frizz-free hair that gotten after shower; without washing hair everyday?
I was thinking about just using a curling iron on days I don't wash, but I hate to use heat on my hair when my hair is already naturally curly.
Thanks so much for any suggestions
Hey Sunshine,

Keep the curling iron away from your curls!!! :-) I think there are a few things you can try before applying heat to your beautiful tresses.

First do you use a head tie at night? This is the least popular/sexy option. But most use a satin scarf that helps to reduce frizz. Before using the scarf, put your hair in a pineapple (high ponytail) and start by placing the scarf on the back of your head and tying the ends in the front. In the morning when you take your hair down it should have less frizz and have kept your curls from the day before. Wala! Second day hair! Another super easy way to keep the frizz at bay is to use satin pillowcases. I got mine from walmart. Its soft and helps retain moisture in your hair.

Third option is to set your hair. Try doing four chunky two strand twists and take them out for a fun textured next day look. Lastly, is using a different setting/styler for your hair. Check out the review for these styler which help to keep your curls defined for a few days.

Review: Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly | Tribe Called Curl | The New Curl Order for Natural Hair

Hope this helps!!!
This might not technically be second day hair, but I do get it wet and condition it every night, and reapply gel as needed. It usually looks good, though I've recently discovered that doing this means you need to be careful about buildup. I feel like this is the best of both worlds, though, because you get the feel of washing your hair without truly washing it.

Actually can someone mention if what I do is truly second day hair? Not to hijack a thread or anything...

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My second day hair routine involves using a scarf. I tie it the way ANaturalJoy recomends. Then I sleep with a satin bonnet on top so the scarf does not move. (I don't just do the bonnet because I end up squishing my curls.) Next morning, I wake up, refresh hair with water, fix any wayward curls and add more of a LI if my hair feels dry and go.

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hey thanks so much for the suggestions . I'll try that. I do know that the satin pillowcase does make a difference
For second day hair I pineapple (ensuring all my curls are hanging down the front of my head/my forehead, rather than down my neck like a traditional ponytail would). Also make sure you don't tie the hair band when you pineapple - just place it round your hair once so it holds it, but loosely. This way it won't affect the curl pattern or give you that annoying crease!

Sometimes I sleep with a satin bonnet on (got mine off Amazon for only a few pound), but I don't always do that. It does help reduce frizz, but sometimes I find the bonnet will also decrease my volume.

I don't re-wet my hair in the morning (as, for me, this means frizz-central), but I know a lot of people have luck with that!
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Satin pillow cases, silk scarves, satin bonnets.. none of them work for me, so I feel your pain.

Recently I've just been 1. tipping my head upside down and fluffing, 2. spraying *a little* water in my hands and glide it over the limp curls, 3. putting a frizz free serum or a bit more leave in over my curls and scrunching. Works like a charm on most days, and my hair doesn't get all that wet. I used to saturate it everyday, but no more in the colder weather!
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To me, 2nd day (or multi-day) hair means hair which you didn't have to saturate with water and restyle. I routinely get multi-day hair, and never more than dampen my hair to do that. I was not able to do this for quite a while after going CG. That's partially because mainstream hair products (chocked full of silicones) had convinced me that I had to get my hair so wet all the curl was pulled out, and it always seemed like I might as well just go ahead and rewash it at that point. After that, it was mostly learning curve, and trying new things.

Things that help:

a silk (not satin polyester) pillowcase

sweeping my hair up toward the head of the bed as I lay my head down
scrunching my hair as I lay my head down

spraying my hands, never my hair with water or refreshing spray

dampening my hair with my hands by sandwiching my hair between my hands then running them down from root to tip, scrunching, scrubbing my roots

smoothing a light gel over my hair and scrunching when I start getting ready for bed

using a Q-Redew vapour wand to steam my hair

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