Hi Everyone,

This is my first post!

I have type 3a/3b(I think) thick medium-dark brown hair. I was annoyed with my hair when the top was curly as well as the bottom since When this was the case, my hair just looked like a poof-y untamed mess. So, I came up with an idea and it ended up giving me good results.

If you have thicker hair than mine you might need to section it up some more but here is how it works:

Take a shower and brush your hair how you would normally. Then, leave in your conditioner (DO NOT RINSE IT OUT!!!). After you get out of the shower, brush it some more again. Then apply gel or mouse to your hair and section it. (I usually just section it into two parts- each for one half of my head) Then, brush your hair back and turn those sections into tight low buns.

If not in a hurry: Just sleep with your buns in or wait around for it to air-dry

IF IN A HURRY: Leave the buns in and wait until the top of your hair (like if your hair is pulled back, the part that covers your scalp) is mostly dry, then take out the buns and let them air-dry.
--> If hair needs to be dry: just blow dry it on medium heat.

Enjoy your hair!
(I am doing this soon so I will post pics of the results at a later time.)