ACV and SM Deep Conditioning Mask

Okay so I did an apple cider vinegar rinse on Sunday and deep conditioned with Shea Moisture Raw Deep Conditioning Mask or whatever its called. The results were so so, not what I expected. I previously used the mask and did not like it but after a few months i decided to try it again. there was no difference. i feel like it striped the moisture from my hair especially combined with the ACV rinse. I used Paul Mitchell The Conditioner along with SM Curl and Style Milk sealing with coconut oil.

So today, which is Thursday i decided to cowash bc my hair was especially dry. I detangled and used Tressemme Naturals as my rinse out. Well usually my hair feels moisturized just after using the rinse out conditioner, but no. not today! it still feels really dry and rough and not like my hair at all! I would like any kind of helpful input as to what I should do or use so my hair won't feel like this anymore. Thanks yall!
If it was me, I'd try a low poo first, in case something from the SM mask is still lingering on your hair. The butters and oils in it may not have washed off completely with just a cowash. Then I'd doctor some of your Tresemme and do a dt with that. Many like to add some honey, some oil, and/or some aloe.
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