FSG on dry hair?

Anyone try it? Does it work? How about damp hair? I like how it makes my hair look on wash day, but I am wondering about non wash days. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks,
2a/b, med/high porosity, high density, fine texture
I did it on dry hair before but it was flakey idk. It could have been cause I had build up? Not sure. But I think you should spray it with something beforehand. Perhaps a spray bottle wkth a third of leave in or something? You might like aloe vera though. Try it out!

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I can't use FSG on dry hair for some reason, but some people do. Try it! For me, it gives me crunch that I can't scrunch out. I can only use gels with a light hold that give no crunch (CJ PP, SS CEJ, UFD CM).
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Experimenting with Got2B Ultra gel and loving it so far!

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