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lauraloo 03-01-2007 03:22 PM

Haircut consultation!!
Aaah! I just scheduled a consultation with a stylist at a local salon for next Wednesday, and I couldn't be more nervous!! I haven't had my hair cut "professionally" for 4 or 5 years... I've just been doing it myself. But now that my hair is longer (I had a super short pixie cut for the longest time that I maintained myself... pics are in my album) I really think I need some help with shaping. I've been growing it out for about a year and a half and have only done spot trimming, so I'm sure she's going to have to lop off some split ends. Obviously I want her to cut off as little as possible but I know there's going to be quite a bit coming off, so I'm trying to prepare myself for that. (At least I'm used to a super short cut so even if it's awful I can still handle it!) Ugh my thinking is awful... preparing for the worst!

Someone calm me down and give me some pointers! I've already decided to let her use the salon's products (sulfates and cones :x ) and just wash it out when I'm ready to wash again. In a review somewhere it said she did point cutting, so I'll see what I can get her to agree to... hopefully she'll be up for dry cutting too.

I was also thinking about taking in a picture of myself with shorter hair to show her how much it shrinks. Hopefully it'll scare the bajesus out of her and she'll mind her scissors!

Any other ideas?

CurliLocks 03-01-2007 04:12 PM

I would take some pics with you, good idea. You can also show her styles you like and don't like that way. Be sure to tell her you only want a little trimmed off, enough to shape it up. But be prepared that it could take some cutting if it's badly out of shape. You should be fine though. :) Ask her to do the point cutting, as it does help the curls blend better (no shelving). I'm sending on the "good curly haircut" vibes your way, they worked for me last week! :D Good luck!

CurlyinColorado 03-01-2007 04:26 PM

I always make my stylist show me how much she's going to cut, from the bottom length to hte upper most layer, no snipping is allowed until she shows me how much! has a curl salon locator in the upper right-hand corner of this website, anyone in your neck of the woods? It's important to see someone that knows how to cut curly hair.

lauraloo 03-01-2007 08:05 PM

CurliLocks- Thanks for the good haircut vibes! I'm not even committing to a cut yet so hopefully I'll be able to tell if she's good or not before she starts trimming!

CurlyinColorado- The salon and stylist I'm seeing is the only stylist with multiple (positive) reviews under my city, and I got the info from the CurlSalons tab. What would I do without it?! And hopefully I can be forward enough to ask her to show me what she's cutting... when I spoke with her on the phone she seemed like one of those to-the-point no-nonsense kind of people, and I tend to be shy about speaking up. Hopefully I can buck up and make sure I'm in control! Wish me luck!

CurlyinColorado 03-01-2007 08:19 PM

Lots and lots of luck!

CurliLocks 03-06-2007 12:36 AM


Originally Posted by lauraloo
CurliLocks- Thanks for the good haircut vibes! I'm not even committing to a cut yet so hopefully I'll be able to tell if she's good or not before she starts trimming!

OK, so they're there if you need them. And I'll send along some "find a great stylist" vibes then too! :D Only trim if you feel comfortable with her.

CurliLocks 03-07-2007 05:47 PM

so, how did it go? :)

lauraloo 03-07-2007 06:06 PM

See the thread titled " Bad (hair) day :-( "


CurliLocks 03-07-2007 06:31 PM


Originally Posted by lauraloo
See the thread titled " Bad (hair) day :-( "


NO! :shock: missed it, I'll go check.

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