I know nothin about curls !;(

Obviously I been curly my whole life :/ 3B
But I never paid much attention to my hair until after I dyed it red :0
Yep I bleach my hair and it got so damage ,

My question is , what producs should I have for my hair ?
I see girls talking about protein / leavein , a bunch other things I never heard of before

All I do is shampoo once a week and conditioner , put some kinky curly custard and diffuse it ,
The pattern of my curls are not the same no more

Please experts help out ! I love my hair , I want it back ;(
I would suggest getting a copy of Curly Girl: The Handbook (also available here).

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
CGing since July 2008
Ok well first of you need to find out your hair properties. Porosity, elasticity, density, etc. There are tons of websites that have tips for finding these things out. If you bleached your hair, you might be interested in doing a protein treatment but that just depends on what your properties are. I'm also 3b and would love to see your red hair! You should post a picture to this thread or pm me!
Hi! Thanks for your reply
I'm going to do some research how to find out the property of my hair , if that's how you say it lol

But this was my hair before I went red
Attached Thumbnails
I know nothin about curls !;(-image.jpg  
Obviously red here lol
Buti dye it back dark , it was too much Maintenance , I also cutt it really short /:
Attached Thumbnails
I know nothin about curls !;(-image.jpg  

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