Why am I so hair obssessed suddenly?

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Since my bc all I talk about or read about is hair! I've watched who knows how many youtube videos and checked out who knows how many sites! Every day my co-worker and I (who's planning to go natural) talk about natural hair and what products are best and what hair styles. I keep touching my hair and looking at it! Has anyone else experienced or is experiencing this? Is this a phase?
That's why we're all here!! lol

I think a lot of people start out that way. After a couple months (for me anyway) it dies down a bit - once you've got a pretty good handle on things. Hair is fun, and it should be!
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I'm totally with you. I'm hair obssessed too. I have to run to Walmart today & I'm totally excited to go to the shampoo/conditioner aisle. I'm going to try to restrain myself from making any purchases because I have conditioners and a lo poo shampoo already. But I want to get some ingredients to make a protein treatment.
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I'm obsessed too, but I put it down to the fact that I've only been fully natural for a couple of months and am still finding my 'groove' and learning.
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Count me in for obsessed. Almost unhealthily. I have a hard time not talking about it to my friends/family but none of them get it because they ALL straighten their hair. I had one friend who tried to go natural but gave up after two days. TWO DAYS. I really wanted to explain it takes longer than that to change your hair but I think people need to get there on their own. I had a client who I think did a BC and I wanted to bring it up but I didn't want her to think I was weird. So I try to limit myself to this forum. Sigh.
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Go Red Wings!

KellyofCurls I'm like that too. There's not many actual hair places in my country and these people already know me by face lol. At the moment I'm a bit lost as to what products I should be using since I don't know my hair type/s. I wish the hairtype test allowed for more than one hair type. Hair products are pretty expensive especially in my country so knowing might cut down my spending dramatically. I'm tired of asking hairdressers whose immediate response is grease or beewax. They always look at me like I'm crazy for not using these and one even told me that's what's good for natural hair and will make it neat and grow.

mustangbunny I completely get that! I talk about my hair all the time at home and to my boyfriend. Thank God he's such a patient soul. I have to refrain from approaching naturals with great hairstyles and asking about their product choices and if they have any advice. My country seems to be in the middle of a natural hair boom and you can't walk down the street without seeing all sorts of natural hairstyles or people who have obviously just BC. It got to the point that I was on a bus and realised most of the women onboard were natural! Some had fantastic hairstyles and their hair looked so healthy and thick. I always try to remember that I can't just go and pester random strangers with questions lol.

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