Why are my under layers better than my top layers?

My under layers of hair look so much nicer than my top layers. My top layers get more disheveled looking. How can I help my top layer - the part people actually see - look as good as the underneath layers? The top layer looked so much worse today for 2nd day hair that I had to clip the top layer back. I couldn't figure out how to get it looking nice again.And it isn't just because of sleeping because it was looking like that yesterday too and worse throughout the day.

Is it because the top layers might be more damaged than the under layers? See my curly hair story in my signature for more info into hair story which might help answer this question.

2a/b hair....I think??

Doing my hair curly is all new to me after blow drying and straightening for years.

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It's quite likely that the hair in your "canopy" is more damaged than the under layers. It's exposed to more stresses in the normal course of life, and it's most likely been more heavily exposed to heat damage from flat ironing and blowdrying.

While you can't change what's done, you can treat your hair well now, and help it to be its best. I personally recommend following the CG method, as explained in the book Curly Girl: The Handbook (also available here) by Lorraine Massey. IMO, it's well worth getting the book and having the complete, organized information, along with the illustrations, and the video demonstrations on the accompanying DVD.

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