Requesting input from curlies in Corporate America...

Hi curlies,
Iím one of the writers for, working on an upcoming story focused on what itís like for curlies working in Corporate America. Does curl bias still exist in the corporate world? If yes, Iíd like to hear from you about the scenarios youíve faced (or are currently facing). OR, if youíre seeing more acceptance of curlies in the corporate world, Iíd love to hear about that, too.

I posted here a week ago, yet only heard from a few of you. Iíve extended the deadline to March 10, and I hope to hear about your experiences. Please send me an email with specifics to Your privacy will be respected and I wonít need to quote you (unless your comfortable with it), so please share your stories -- and lessons learned, too.

Thank you!
Teri Evans
Northeast Correspondent,
I've worked in Corporate America for the past 10 years and I've always been curly. It has never been an issue with me, though, I think people tended to take me less seriously until they realized I was smart and dedicated to doing my job well. I will admit to pulling my curlies back a couple of times for interviews but for the most part, I was in full force curl and never had an issue.

It never ceases to amaze me that curly hair is even an issue, one hires the experience and education, not the hair.
Sorry I didn't see your first post. I've worked in corporations for quite a long time, and I've been curly -- 3c for most of it, fully 4a since 10/06. Never experienced any bias because of my hair. I'm in inside sales, have worked retail sales and before that marketing communications. Have worked for the same company for almost 8 years.
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Hi -Sorry, I didn't see your first post either. I've been in Corporate America (finance/accounting) for the last 11 years & have been curly for all of them I worked for the same company for 10 of the 11. I haven't experienced any negative bias toward my hair. I think it actually gives me an edge over my collegues because people tend to remember me because my hair distinguishes me. HTH!
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I've been in "corporate America" for 11+ years and I've never had an issue with curly hair. The only challenge I personally have run into is self inflicted, when I leave my hair wet and let it air dry in the car (have to fix it up in the car before I get into the office). I've been in senior management positions and I've never seen my hair affect anything at all. As another curly said, it has made me memorable.
Not "corporate", but workforce related...

I need to send off an email. back in the late 80's when I first joined the military, my performance evaluations suffered because my hair didn't look military enough. I had male supervisors tell me that it was too curly or too flyaway. I started growing it longer then so that it would be long enough to have to put up.

Nineteen years later, I will still hear about it sometimes if it isn't perfectly sleek when up. I just don't think that the different texture of curly hair is taken into account with how my hair can look when up. It will have a curly texture unless I put it up wet. Halo-y hair can appear, and people just don't like it.
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This is an incredibly supportive community of curlies and I thank you taking the time to send your comments! The story will be up in May, and I hope it will be helpful, informative and fun to read.
Once again, thank you -- and always feel free to send any thoughts you have in the future.
All my best,
I wish I had seen this sooner.

I work in corporate America now, and I have experienced's one of the reasons I wear my hair up. It may have to do with the fact that I work in the deep south and things are very conservative here.

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