Hair cut help?

Hi guys! I have waist length (when wet) 3a/3b hair and I'm thinking about going short-ish. I'm also thinking about donating to locks of love. The problem is, the stylist I go to cuts wet and I'm afraid of
1. Shrinkage
2. Triangle head
Hahahahh can you help me with what to tell her when I go? I'm thinking bra strap length when dry so do I need layers? Ha ok thanks guys! Oh and here are some pics [ATTACH]40205
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I used to have triangle hair soooo bad. Ever since then, I get it cut in an angled bob/inverted bob with layers. It kid of takes away from it all being one length and adds dimension towards the top. I would suggest looking some of those styles up on the web and see if you like it! Thanks!

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