Perfect hair for 2 weeks -- here's my daily routine.....

Hi! New to this board, not sure if this will work for everyone, but has been perfect for me!!!

1. Conditioner-Wash using generic, supermarket brand conditioner eg. Tresemme, Schwarzkopf

2. Squeeze out excess moisture, and finger-comb through about a macadamia size of Paul Mitchell The Conditioner.

3. Scrunch-dry with microfibre towel or t-shirt. Scrunch in tennis ball worth of Wella High Hair Curl Energy Mousse. (alcohol-free)

4. Once dry, scrunch out crunch with emollient-style moisturizer (I use Kusco-Murphy Lavender Hair Cream).

For me this daily routine works wonders!!

Best wishes for good hair days!
I love PM the conditioner, it is my HG. So glad it works so well for you. Where do you get the Lavender hair cream? Are all the other products CG approved?
Are all the other products CG approved?
I'm pretty sure Tresemme products and conditioners all have cones, I've spent ages scanning the ingredients on them. Shwartzkopf usually don't, I've used them for CO wash a few times. Ulifilas, do you use Tresemme or was that just an example of a supermarket brand? If you do, how do you remove the cones?

I use Original Source Tea Tree at the min, and Morrisons own peach condish, so I'm with you on the generic supermarket thing. The mousse sounds cool, is that CG?

Liz x
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...

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