fructis curl and shine rinse out conditioner to much?

i have 2b type hair i use fructis curl and shine conditioner it seems to make my hair a little bit limp or weight down at first. i have to put more gel and fiddle with my hair more. has anyone have this problem or reccomend another prodoct that i can buy at the drugstore?
Try the GF for fine hair conditioner. It doesn't have any silicones in it. The one you're using does, which might be the problem.
Couple of inches past shoulder length 3A. Shampoo every 3rd or 4th day w/ baby shampoo; Tigi Fashionista conditioner; back to Condition 3-in-1 mousse . Alternate days water rinse, conditioner and mousse.
i don't think silcones are the problem. i use them in other products with no problem.

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