How do you SOTC?

I mainly just use a leave in and an oil and then I'm done with my hair for the day. But the canopy gets really hard after it dries (idk if I should describe it as hard but i guess that's how it reacts??? and today I realized that maybe I need to SOTC??? Does anyone else have to SOTC when they conditioner only style? How do you go about it?

I'm wondering if SOTC is uncommon for conditioner only styling and I'm starting to think that it's more of an indicator of too much product,,,

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I use a conditioner, smoothie and spray, so I tend to have to SOTC on my curls. But I have noticed that the more I put in, the more likely they'll be crunchy. Some days, I don't put nearly as much in and they're not crunchy at all. So, it could be an indicator of too much product. In that case, I SOTC and then my curls are soft and frizz free!

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Looking for new products and methods to try!

Recently I have been doing my hair in the late afternoon or evening. I diffuse my hair to almost dry and then let it dry completely. Before bed I pineapple it without sotc. The next morning when I take my hair down, most of the crunch has worked itself out.
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Hmmm ... well, there are some conditioning type products that have that effect. When I went to the hairdresser earlier this year I believe she used a Mixed Chicks leave-in on my hair and my hair went crunchy after. But I've never had that problem before / since with any other products. So maybe it's the product you're using?

I use gel, so when I SOTC it's probably a different experience to doing it with conditioner only. But what I do is flip my head upside down and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch, until my hair feels smooth. Then I flip my hair back up and, if needed, tilt my head and scrunch each side. I don't use oils or leave-ins to help me SOTC as they'd just coat my hair
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Conditioner mostly always leaves me with crunchy hair, as does pretty much anything else I use on my hair.

I scrunch it from underneath first, then flip my head down and scrunch it in an upward motion. Then I fluff my roots and flip my head back quick and put my hair in place.
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