Anyone currently/recently using Oyin products?

I've read the reviews and have done searches, but, all in all, there's not too much out there. I really love all Jessicurl products, but like to have another line to rotate with, preferably natural (already tried MHC, LLL, Blended Beauty, one line at a time). Any info on the poo bar, greg juice & honey hemp conditioner (and the honey wash on her site) will be much appreciated. Thanks
I've only tried the honey-hemp condish, but it was excellent! It gave me moisturized hair with nice clumps. Definitely worth it. Someone suggested I store it in the fridge rather than the shower, which I did between uses.
Thanks, Laurabeth. I value your input. I've seen some good things about the Shine n Define, too. I may have to put Oyin on my list to try next.
I used Oyin for about a year straight (2 yrs ago). I've tried allo you mentioned & here is my take (keep in mind I'm a 3B in a very humid climate):

Poo Bar: very nice; less drying than many 'poos; equivalent to JC's for me. A pain to store in the shower though

Greg Juice: Just never found a good use for it. Extremely sticky; intense but nice grapefuity spicy smell. Too sticky & residue leaving on dry hair. And didn't do much on wet either.

Honey Hemp Cond: nice, but not as detangling as I like. But lots of moisture & helps deflate frizz.

Shine 'n Define: this was my fave of the products. Kind of a light, whipped gel-cream. More cream than gel. Worked well for me in a less humid climate. Smells like Juicy Fruit gum, but subtle. Gave me more body than gel, bigger, looser curls. I didn't refridge, & the S&D did fine, the cond did start to separate, but still worked.
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Hey, CelticCurls, I appreciate the feedback. The Shine and Define is what I really want to try, but I'm one of those strange people that likes to stick with a line at a time. I was worried it wouldn't have alot of hold since it is so humid down here most of the time. The moisture sounds great, though.
If you like JC stylers, I'd try the Oyin S&D. The hold is better than RR, and more curl enhancing than the CC. It might be enough hold for 3A curls.
3B, bra-strap length
laidback, very-modified CGer
HG: GF Sleek 'n Shine Leave-in; Alagio
For me, the Oyin products I tried worked best in cooler, drier weather. The honey-hemp is a nice conditioner. I'm trying to stick to a hair budget & it's a bit pricey for me since it's a small bottle and then there's shipping, but usually whenever I get other Oyin body products, I get some conditioner too.

I used the S&D a lot last year, stopped after 2 full-size was leaving my hair kind of straight. That was during the summer, so I think it worked best for me before it got hot and humid. It did help keep down frizz for me.

And I recently got a sample of the Greg Juice, there might be a new scent coming out! Very fruity. I have it on today, but layered under gel. My hair is very full of body and is very soft, I wouldn't try it without gel tho'.
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Thanks for the info. I usually don't do samples, but maybe this time I'll invest in a sample pack directly from their site first, then, if I like it/them I'll purchase at Curlmart My money is spoken for lately.....

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