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I will apologise in advance - I'm sorry this could turn into a rant/rave.

The other day I'm at the hair supply shop when this young girl comes over to tell me "this would be great in your hair". Yes, they told me that last time and now I'm $75 out of pocket for stuff that my hair just doesn't like and they won't refund me - even though they said they would if it didn't suit when I bought it.

Me: "this has silicones in it - is my low lather shampoo going to be enough to was these out so they won't build up?"

*blank stare*

"Oh it will be fine - the products we sell are good brands that use quality silicones, where supermarket brands use cheap silicones"

My turn it give her the blank stare - but mine was pure disbelief!

So is there a difference between a - for example - Redken amodiethicone and a supermarket amodiethicone?

I thought a formula for silicone would end up with the same product???
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Ha ha ha, I bet the sales assistant could not identify all the silicones if her life depended on it. I've had professional stylists give me the blank stare when I've asked if they have sulphate free shampoo and silicone free conditioner. That is even more worrying when there are common dermatological disorders triggered or worsened by both (dermatitis, acne).

Amodimethicone is amodimethicone whichever brand uses it. Anyway L'Oreal owns Redken and I bet they have one supply source for all their lines from drugstore to salon.
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