Do you think it matters what order you put a silicone on?

I looked for a smoothing leave in last night for frizzies, and I ended up picking up Pantene Smoothing Milk - which doesn't have too horrible of ingredients, but it DOES have dimethicone.

I guess my question is, will it come out easier if I use Too Shea! as a leave in right out of the shower, and then use the product w/ the cone on top of it? Since I would think the first product would fill in the cuticle, the dimethicone wouldn't get under the cuticle so much.

I do co-wash, and I shampoo w/ baby shampoo about once a month - so I'm not really worried about build up. But I still want to make sure I get some moisture into my hair as well. I think I'd benefit from using SOME cones in my hair b/c my ends are constantly damaged, and I'm always snipping off split ends. I'm afraid I'm not going to have any hair left!
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I don't know if it actually makes a difference, but I do what you described. Whenever I straighten my hair and use a silicone product, I use a cone-free leave-in beforehand. I'd like to think it makes a difference.
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I don't know if it makes a difference but I always THINK it does. I won't use a cone in my shampoo though, I can't get that out without using a non cone shampoo so that just seems stupid to me.
But the d cone as the leave in seems to buildup slower than if it's the rinse out that has it.
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