The right haircut helps! So glad I found this board.

Over on CurlSalons, I found a recommendation for a local stylist who "knows" curl. I've been trying to encourage my curl instead of fighting it (MUCH easier and prettier) and hoped a much needed cut would help.

Treated my 12 year old as well, as she loves to straighten her beautiful, thick, blonde 2c hair - the horror!

The stylist did a wonderful job with us both; decided on the best cuts, explaining what she was doing and why, and teaching us both how to care for and style our curls. Yeah, she used a diffuser AND a product (which I bought) that's full of nasty stuff but dang if it didn't work!

We both walked out of there with beautiful curls! I took my daughter to lunch and couldn't help noticing all the girls her age with straightened hair trying to be "cool" about checking out her gorgeous curls!
That's awesome!!! Glad both you & your daughter are satisfied I bet you both look great! Post pics!
thats great! it sounds like you're really happy with your hair! would you mind sharing what hair cut you and your daughter got?? and post pics!!
Yay for both of you! Yes, we need style/cut details please! And pics too!

I had my first deva cut 2 weeks ago, and I'm loving it. Makes a big difference when a stylist knows curls.

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You are SO right. Since I had some long layers cut into my almost shoulder length hair it is curling so nicely AND does not have a triangle shape anymore. Finding the right person makes all the difference in the world. I will travel from BC to LA to get my hair cut if I have to!!
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What product are you using?
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Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story!
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You are beautiful!
We took pictures but they just didn't turn out very well - it was horribly windy Saturday, so my curls were whipped up Buckwheat style by the time we were done running errands after our cuts.

My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. The hair around my face was just the right length (about to my chin when pulled straight) and curl up nicely with little help - bangs I was letting grow out. In the back though, I hardly had any layering at all (very old layers that grew out unevenly), and was getting more big chunky waves and some frizz - getting a good curl took a lot of work.

Since she liked the length of the grown out bangs and what they were doing, she gave me a slight trim in length, and then cut chunky layers UP to the length of the "bang". My hair is VERY heavy and I think a lot of length tends to pull the curl out but we'll see as it grows.

She used (and I bought) Wella System Professional Hypercurl. It's a cream curl enhancer with a heavier hold - she used the cream because my hair is always dry. I started reading the ingredients and then put it down; I don't think I want to know what's in there. But 2 pumps, applied through when my head is upright (so I make sure I get plenty in the back where I need it most) and my hair is still pretty damp.

The lowest layer of my hair (around the nape) is a different texture and doesn't want to curl - just wave a bit, so that gets diffused first - throw all the hair to one side & tilt my head, then the other side. Then upside down. Don't have to diffuse till it's all the way dry; just enough to start the curl.

And BAM lots of body & curl, much moreso than plopping and much more quickly. The product leaves a little crunchy when dry but I can easily uncrunch and still have great hold.

My daughter: almost waist length, very long layers. Same thing - just trimmed the length, and then cut in layers up to an inch or so below her chin. Used, and I bought, Wella System Professional Curl Enhancer. Same routine with the diffuser, and that kid had a very enviable head of thick, curly blonde hair.

I'm not going to diffuse though just for everyday hair as I don't want to fry. But hey, even everyday has to be a lot less damaging than blowing out, ironing the frizzies, and curling the ends!

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