How do you get the crunch out?

I usually use a run a pomade over my hair when I get to work. Well, today I forgot my pomade at home so I don't have anything. Any suggestions?
I always just use my hands without anything on them. If the crunch is strong, you could put a little bit of water on your hands to soften it maybe?
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Thanks Bailey. The product wasn't too strong, I just have leave-in and Joico mousse in. I think it may look a little better just using my hands.
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You could even put a a little lotion on your hands.
I thought about that, but since I recently started CG I was worried about the ingredients. The one I have on my desk has Dimethicone. I had a horrible hair day yesterday and ended up having to pull my hair back and applied some Redken Smooth Down without even thinking. When I got home last night I checked the ingredients and it has the cone that ends xane (I can't think of it right now). I shampooed this morning after two weeks of only co-washing. Maybe I'm being a little too careful now.
I use a little warm water and scrunch.
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