I've been reading some older posts that say glycerin is bad for curl definition and controlling frizz. I was shocked to learn that it's one of the ingredients in devacurl's one condition. What are the effects of glycerin in dry vs. humid conditions?

Thanks, everyone!
Glycerin can dry out the hair & dry hair won't curl well. I noticed that in humid conditions glycerin did dry out my hair. However, vegetable glycerin won't dry out my hair.
Glycerin is a humectant. The general advice is to avoid glycerin (in styling products) in extremely high or extremely low dewpoints. In very high dew points, it can draw moisture from the air into your hair and make it frizz. In very low dewpoints it can be drying.

Just keep that in mind. However, there's not "rule" when it comes to glycerin, and it may behave differently in your hair. I avoid glycerin in stylers in very humid, high-dewpoint conditions. In rinse-out products it gives me no problems.
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Thank you both! Devacurl's one condition worked like a charm for me over the summer and when I started reading glycerin was bad was so confused. I used it again the other day and the results weren't so good. Perhaps my hair likes it in the summer and not so much in the winter.

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