GF curl & shine shampoo?

i'm a shampooer...just once a week, but i was wondering. has anyone tried this line of shampoo or conditioner? i know there are fans of the leave in. and i know one curly that uses the conditioner to co wash...has anyone tried the shampoo?
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I won't use the shampoo. I bought it and then noticed it has the D cone in it. How the heck can I get stuff off if it's busy putting a cone on? I would have to rotate another sulfate shampoo to get that cone off so what's the point?

Anyhoo that's my dealio with it. It left my hair soft but in about three days all my curl fell out because that cone wasn't letting moisture get to my hair bah!
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I had coupons and bought 2 bottles of this by mistake ! But, since I have them, I use some once every 2 weeks or so. The first time I used it, I didn't know it was shampoo - I thought, wow, this really lathers more than the previous bottle of condish. That's when I looked at the label and realized it was shampoo !

Anyway, I like it as far as shampoos go - it lathers really well and I have no adverse affects from it being that I don't use it alot.
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