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I know you must get asked this many times over, but I can't find any direct answers in the searches I've done.

1 - What "symptoms" would you get if your hair doesn't like proteins?

2 - How would you know if your hair *did* like proteins?

Much thanks
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If your hair is damaged, proteins will often improve the way it looks and feels. If your hair doesn't have much or any damage, sometimes you will get a buildup. A typical pattern would be that the product works great at first, but after a few days of use, your hair gets rough and unmanageable. Protein buildup would normally be no problem for those who shampoo regularly. Sensitivity varies a lot from person to person -- you just have to determine for yourself what your hair tolerates.

I find that protein in a conditioner doesn't bother my hair, but a protein-heavy styling product causes problems and will only work for one or two days.

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