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Well, I finally got up the guts to go poo-less for the past month and my hair is extremely happy. Unfortunately, now that it has recovered from the shock of the change, there are some portions of my hair that just aren't cooperative. I think my haircut is all wrong for my hair and that is causing the problem.

My stylist, initially told me that she would be willing to cut my 3a curls dry, but when it came time to cut, she backed out and would only cut it wet...The same way she cut it back when it was chemically straightened. I have the opportunity to go this weekend for a cut from a Ouidad certified stylist. My question is, should I go, or should I hold out until I can arrange an appointment with a Devachan stylist.

I am eagerly waiting your answers.

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I'm a 3a and I get a wet cut with no problems. My hair curls fairly evenly once I've given it a few shots of Gelebration to boost the curl in the underneath layer.

For those with uneven curl, dry cutting is a big plus since you will end up with an even look. Plus, dry cutting prevents the problem of "shrinkage shock." A good stylist will take shrinkage into account when calculating how much to cut off, but there are way too many stylists out there who don't do this.

In general, the people most satisfied with Ouidad cuts seem to be those with very thick and curly hair, 3b or above. I have heard from some 3as who have had good results, though. I would probably favor a Devachan cut on the whole for 3as.

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