Help with products!

I have type 2A hair (I think ) and have purchased just about every curly product known to man! Nothing seems to work! I've tried the creams, lotions, potions, gels, mousse!

I am trying to get more curl from my hair. It's just wavy and is very fine and thin. The creams and lotions seem to make it greasy and when I diffuse it doesn't curl. The gels seem to work best but it has to be a heavy gel to hold my waves/curls "up!" Half way thru the day the wave just falls out. I'm getting so frustrated. I have tried, Jessicurl, Deva, AG, Batia and Aleeza, drugstore brands, you name it...I've used it.

I was reading about the Aveda Be Curly. Do you think that would be good for my hair? It has good reviews.

OK, ladies, anyone out there with 2A, hard to hold, baby fine hair please speak up! Thanks for all your help!
Very fine, 2a, need more curl.
Jill in Harrisburg PA
Do you shampoo? I don't know if the Aveda Be Curly has cones in it or not, if you shampoo I'd say try it.

Other things that seem to make my hair curlier is rinsing upside down and plopping. After I detangle I flip my hair over and detangle, then rinse it upside down. Then I put my products in upside down too.

Then I put my hair right into a t-shirt to plop. Those things seem to help hold the curl pattern better.
2b/3a, primarily use Jessicurl and DevaCurl products, Curls Hair Tea conditioner and various gels. I'm modified CG-ish since 5/04.
My DH has reallt fine hair and he loves White Rain Extra Body Condish. It is super light, rinses really clean and it is CG to you don't have to worry about cones.
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I shampoo every once in a while but with Lo Poo. My hairdresser shampoos my hair every 5 weeks with regular shampoo.

I tried the plopping thing but was unable to do it. It just flatened my hair down. Maybe I'll try it again.

Thanks ladies!
Very fine, 2a, need more curl.
Jill in Harrisburg PA
I had a really hard time getting plopping to work for me-the trick for my hair is to do it when it's drippy wet-ummmm like this

Rinse hair upside down
turn off the shower
smooth then scrunch in my product, letting water ever water comes out, go out. It's usually still pretty drippy when I'm done, hence the next step-
lay my hair on a towel on the counter (bend over and sort of set it on the towel, don't touch either one, no pressure, just set it there for a few seconds)
lay out plopping towel (I use a scunci turban; takes a bit of trial and error to figure out where to put your hair, but it works.)

stand up.

--and don't leave it too long.

20 minutes is about as long as I can plop without ending up with wonky waves.

But it does give lots more volume and curl (I have a pretty weak curl patter myself-if it air dries, it will dry nearly straight. A little encouragement though, and I get lazy spirals)
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Hey Jillmar - I've been using Aveda Be Curly and like the results. I add it on top of a leave-in condish, then scrunch gel on top of it, plop for a few minutes (any more than 15 and I have a freakish wave pattern on top) then diffuse for another 10. I poo 2 to 3x a week, 2nd and 3rd days with Be Curly are the best for me.

On a side note, I've had better luck with it than re:coil which is a little heavy for my 2a curl pattern. Hope this helps.
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I see in your signature line that you are trying out the Jessicurl line. I'm a 3a, but the underneath layer of my hair is nearly straight, especially in back. I use Gelebration spray underneath my styler, and it really boosts the curl so the underneath blends in with the rest. I'd recommend giving that a try.
I have 2b hair that on some days can be a 3a.
It's very fine.

I find a couple of little dabs of Re:coil - about three pea size drops- on my soaking wet hair, after a leave-in, then topped with a light weight gel (I like Aveda flax and aloe) really pumps up my curls. I plop for 10-15 minutes then diffuse.

I either co-wash, use Deva No-poo or Jessicurl HCC to wash.

Don't get discouraged - you will find a routine that works for you.
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Wow! Thanks ladies! I will try to plopping but my hair barely touches my shoulders so it would be hard to "lay" my hair on the towel. How do you put it in the towel? Do you crunch it up, twist it? Sorry. I wish I could see how this is done in person. Again, my hair is not that long so do you think it would still work?

Thanks again.
Very fine, 2a, need more curl.
Jill in Harrisburg PA
if you go to Jessicurl's website there are great demo videos, that show how to plop and apply her products, they are very helpful.

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