what am I doing wrong? I feel like pulling a britney.

My hair will not stop breaking. No relaxers, no heat styling. I did a major chop in the summer of 2005, but my hair continued to break....so I cut that all off in july 06. March 07, and my hair is still brittle and breaking. What gives? I've been trying to grow my hair out for soo long, it's frustrating. I've been having a problem with brittle nails as well, so I think it may all be related. I'm going to take MSM and see if that helps, I tried biotin, and that didn't help with my nails or hair.
If you have already cut all of your hair off and the new growth and nail growth are brittle then you probably have a dietary defficiency. You should start taking a women's mult vitamin and see how it goes. You should give it about 3-4 months before seeking professional help.
Drink more water, milk and juice and try to stay away from super-sugary drinks such as soda and energy bevs. Try replacing junk snacks with a rasin nut trail mix. These have a higher energy value and are high in the nutrients that make hair and nails grow. There is no real quick fix for this issue, trust me I had the same prob a couple years ago. One added benefit is that the same nutrients that make hair grow are the same ones that keep your skin free from blemishes, and help repair skin scarring too.
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Make certain you are getting enough protein in your diet too-

After all, keratin is protein, and with out enough, something is going to give!
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I agree with everything said so far. You might also try a protein treatment. I like the Sally's generic version of Joico KPak Reconstructor. Make sure you use a good co afterward. I get good results with using this every couple of weeks. I don't have any damage caused by dye or heat styling (what most people recommend protein treatments for) and I still find it helps a lot.
Something with omega fatty acids fish oil or flaxseed oil might help you as well.
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If you haven't had a physical lately, I would urge you to go see your doctor. Tell him or her what's happening with your hair and nails. I think it's very unusual to have so much hair breakage when you are not exposing your hair to chemicals or other environmental stressors.

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Thank you all for the replies. I'm going to order some multivitams and see how they work. I have decided to completely cut off the hair though, at this point I would look better with a bald head then what I have going on now.
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