Alcohol in Products. EX. VO5 & Suave

I don't get it. Even some of the best products have alcohol in them. Yet it's supposed to be so drying. So I've been trying to find posts, reading up, etc about the different alcohols. So far what i understand is that cetearyl alcohol is not so bad but cetyl alcohol is. Is this true?
If it is, then what really confuses me is how many of you are absolutely crazy about the suave and vo5 conditioners----i think both of them have cetyl alcohol as the second or third ingredient.
So can anyone explain the different alcohols and how bad or NOT so bad--- they reallly are.
Thanks in advance

I'm new at this ingredient thing too, and I found a nice explaination of alcohols on jessicurl's website during my research . It basically says that there are good and bad alcohols, and that both C-alcohols you mentioned are v. moisturizing. Here's the link:


ETA: Forgot to mention, look under "Ingredient Philosophy"
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Thanks so much..that helps a lot.

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