whats more damagin? dying hair or softening/relaxing it??

I really want to do something new to my hair, but i want to know whats more dmaging.
also are reconstructers worth the money, or cud i just use eggs, henna, fenugreek etc
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In general I would say relaxing is more damaging, depending on the skill of the person doing it, and how big the change is (obviously relaxing really kinky hair to stick straight is more risky than relaxing just a little bit).

I do think reconstructors are great, and you don't have to spend an arm and a leg on them. You can get a good protein treatment like Hy-Pro-Pac or Sally's generic K-Pak for about 5 bucks.
relaxing hair is more damaging then softening. they use the same chemical (i forgot the name) but relaxers use like 12-13% where softeners use 6-7%
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Relaxers are DEFINITELY more damaging than coloring. I've been a chronic colorer for YEARS, and although it may have been dry at times, it wasn't damaged.

I relaxed my hair for the first time last April, and my hair has been a disaster ever since. It's SO damaged. I've never had so many split ends in my life. It's so frustrating b/c it's going to take forever to grow out.
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I agree, relaxing or softening is much more damaging than dyeing. Of course, the level of damage is also dependent on which chemical straightener you use. The main two are:

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
Ammonium Thioglycolate

Lye is able to make super kinky hair straight, however the price is extreme damage. Ammonium Thioglycolate supposedly doesn't damage that bad (I've had it done before) however it is just a relaxer and takes some of the curl out. When I had the latter done, it seemed to only last for 2 weeks and then it looked like how it did before it happened. However, the chemical make up is still changed once you do that regardless of how it eventually looks until your natural hair grows back and the chemically affected part is cut off.

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