My new cut STINKS!!!!

So I just cut 10 inches off. My stylist had no idea how to cut curly hair... I wanted to smack her. I'm so disappointed with my hair. I don't know what she did, but one side looks flat and stringy, while the other is nice and curly. I think she thinned my hair too. The side that's flat and stringy looks that way because she layered it... but not in a good way. It's my fault for not finding a better stylist (one that knows curly hair), but I find that Des Moines and surrounding area in Iowa is really craptastic when it comes to working with curls.

I even took a picture of what I was going for. I was ready for a change... a good one, and now I don't know what to do. I was so upset, I even cried for about an hour.

Any advice?
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Sadly I don't have any advice for you, but I just wanted to say I'm so sorry and I feel your pain. I am not sure how likely it is that any Deva or Ouidad trained stylists are out in IA, but my suggestion for next time is when you see a curly girl around town with hair you like, get the name of her stylist! Try it this week and maybe you can go see someone about a fix for your current situation. Good luck!
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Aw that sucks. I don't have any suggestions but wanted to say I know how it feels. Check out the devachan site and see if anyone is in your area that might be able to fix it. Maybe she cut it too short and cut off the curl? Or cut against the curl? Good luck.

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i'll check it out.
Somewhere between 3A and 3B...
i totally understand a bad hair cut i have one right now myself. the stylist used texturizing shears, and whacked it all over. it looks terrible, all sticking out, no good formation, and pretty well flat in the back. she also cut off way more than i asked her to, and did not blend it at all when i asked for blending. i came home and hacked it with scissors myself, then went and had her even out the bottom and cut off the one inch rags she left around. i am now contemplating going short, just to get rid of this mess. so...believe me, i really truly do feel for you.

that site has a list of deva trained stylists. maybe there is one close to you. i live in canada and, as the site doesnt list canadian stylists, wrote to, who sent me an email telling me of a stylist nearby. if i ever get this mess grown out again and to a decent length, i will probably go to this stylist.

hope this helps!

ps - stay away from sewing shears...they do not help a bad haircut look any better. **grins** i learned that from experience.
Boy, I feel your pain too. Bad haircuts are just awful. Especially since we usually wear out hair naturally, there isn't alot of syling tricks we can resort to and cover up a bad cut. But don't rush into cutting it short. I just let a bad cut grow and recently got a Devacut (I'm lucky we have a place here in Denver). It was hard not having good hair days for a month or two, but I'm glad I waited, because even with a good haircut I lost a few inches in the back.

I also went to the Devaconcepts website and you are right, you are in sort of a curly deserted area. Even looked at some of the salons recommended on this site and alot of the reviews are 2-3 years old, and I know good stylists do move around alot. I would wait a month or two, let your hair grow out a bit, and then if 180 miles wasn't to much of a trip, go to one of the Deva Trained stylists closest to you. The nice thing is, unless you want to maintain short hair, you shouldn't need a Devacut but every 4-6 months. I only plan on going back to the salon for color touch-ups and don't plan on getting cut again for a least another 5 months.

Hope the next cut works out much better for you, us curlies deserve better!!
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That is terrible! I cant figure out why so many stylists feel the need to hack off all the length and thin out the hair of all of us curly girls!! UGH!!!
I can totally relate :^( I used to have really long hair and wanted a new style so I went for a trim and long layers in July and ended up with a foot off when all was said and done. AHHHHHHH worst cut EVER it was not even anywhere and came complete with a long rat tail at the middle back!
It is really hard to resist freaking out and hacking off more after a bad cut,but pls dont do anything drastic and try to fix it yet! Let it grow out a bit and see if it is really as bad as it appears I found with mine the hair was in shock for a few weeks afterwards till it fell normally again.
Finally 8 months after my big chop I am starting to be able to even it out just trimming a few peices here and there and slowly growing out the really bad areas. I am starting to reshape it myself trimming about a eighth of an inch at a time on my bad side and letting it do its thing for awhile to see how the curls fall. Good luck!
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