Good hair day Rave

Well i have been washing my hair at night ( also wanting to sleep in that extra hour ) either leaving in some gel or lately i have been trying the new loreal upward spiral mousse and leaving that it with a lil Re:coil. the loreal mouse doesnt weigh my curls down just like it says it wont do and my curls stay defined all day, ( might be my HG mousse ) anyways i either air dry or diffuse a lil before bed. i notice that in the morning i get great curls and even if i have to rewet my hair and add in a lil more mouse and finish off with my HG suave naturals hairspray im left with REALLY curly hair in the morning, in fact i noticed its more curlier then if i wash it in the morning and style it. plus i get done quicker in the morning if i wash at night , it could also be using honey in my hair at night too thats making great curls. weird but hey im liking the results for the past 2 weeks!
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Use Suaves & VO5 Condish For CG-Honey+ Condish=My curls are loving it!
*Suave gels ( love crunchy gels )*My HGs-Re:coil, Jessicurls , Boots , Loreal Spiral Curl Mousse, Tigi Amp*

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High five!! :P (sorry I have little ones around that I give high fives to when something is good) Glad you found some cheap products that work well for you.
That's great! It's so great to find a new product or routine that gives great results.

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