Question: Have you ever traveled far to get your hair cut?

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Nope. It's about a 20 minute drive to the salon I get my hair cut at. I've been going there for years. I'm fortunate to have a stylist who can cut layers so well. I would drive far if I had too, but so far I haven't.
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I loved my stylist in my college town for the first couple of years after I graduated I would do the 2 hour drive every few months to see her, but then she dropped off the face of the earth and I haven't heard from her in 4 years, I have been struggling to find a stylist I liked since then.

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6 hour drive one way! I'm going again soon too, but it isn't all for a hair cut. Although I would be lying if I said I didn't plan things around that.
Normally it's only 45 minutes to an hour with my other stylist...
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HG I fell into the craze and my hair is happy with Deva! No Poo, Angel, and one condish = awesome hair day.
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Yes, I drove 2.5 hours for a hair cut, but I also get to visit the BF's family and stay the night so it doesn't really count. But it's worth it for a devacut
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I took 3 planes to get my haircut in NYC from Australia. I am a hairdresser myself & now I won't let just anyone touch my hair. They also need to be a curl specialist. And then another 4 planes to get home
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Yes I have.

I live in Belgium but the curly hair scene is advanced in the Netherlands and maybe UK a little more too. So I travelled to the Netherlands to get my hair cut properly by a real Curlsys hairdressers... that's the best we can get here in Europe and we're so happy with her, because of her we have a proper hair style! Before I just used to have long hair all the time and would go, very frightened, to the (bad, sulfate using, brushing, sighing) hairdressers once every 2 years...
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I live in Southern California and when to my home state of Colorado for a Quidad cut

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Nope. Only about 10 minutes away to the salon. But my hairdresser is wonderful, even though she and the salon do virtually all straight cuts. She's fabulous and I'd drive far to have her cut my hair if I had to! Am excited to see what she;ll do next time when I see her and tell her I want a cut to go with my curls.
I've never had to travel for a haircut. If I need the length trimmed my mom just does it, if I need the layers done I'll go to the salon that my cousin co-owns.
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Maybe 10 minutes. I used to just find a super cuts and have them cut my hair. Now I buy scissors and do it myself, since probably 2008 or so.

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I work in Saudi Arabia and generally get home every 2 years or so. I'd read about Deva in NY and last time I went home I actually tried to arrange a long layover in NY just to go there and get a cut before heading to Oregon. It didn't work out, but thankfully I found a woman in Portland with curly hair who specializes in curly cuts and she gave me such a perfect length for my curls. An inch shorter and I'd hate it, and inch longer and it gets stringy with no bounce. I think I've found my perfect length (and not at all surprised its basically a bob) and will stick to it. Not ruling out Deva C in the future though.
Since few years, I am totally addicted and faithful to my amazing hairdresser in Paris.
I moved a lot these past years, to the South of France and now middle East, but I cannot give my hair to someone else. I always wait to be able to go to Paris or make it happen

My deva stylist is a little over an hour away but I'm thinking of taking matters into my own hands if you know what I'm saying lol. But if I had a stylist I was crazy about and was in love with. I would give my all. It's not insane at all, I understand completely.

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I recently travelled 130 miles from south England to the midlands, Birmingham to see a guy trained by Lorraine Massey. I was so sick of stylists not knowing what they were doing. He was amazing. I think he's the only deva trained stylist in England. I also started sticking the right products on my hair he recommended and kokoso coconut oil. I feel like a new frizz free woman. It's a long way to go but it's worth it.
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Yes, I've travelled to New York for my DevaCut, since I live in Switzerland this was quite a journey. But I didn't go there to get the haircut, but was there on vacation and used the opportunity to get a DevaCut which by the way was great!
I've been living abroad for the past few years and never once I risked to get a haircut other than home. I have a stylist who understands my wavy/curly hair very well back home. So, I usually go to him towards leaving the city, discuss with him the cut (which hasn't varied much for the past 3 years) and he would cut my hair shorter than agreed so it will grow into the cut I want in several weeks. I don't panic not getting haircut for a long time since his cut grows out beautifully.

So, although, I don't "purposely" travel home for a hair cut (well Europe-Indonesia flight costs a lot of bucks!), I always patiently wait!
I live in the city but it takes me 3 hours to get to my stylist and have a haircut. Not very far but traffic is always heavy so travel seems long. And this cut is just an "okay" cut, if I go elsewhere I get a bad one and go home heartbroken. So I think a good haircut is worth the extra effort.
I recently travelled 130 miles from south England to the midlands, Birmingham to see a guy trained by Lorraine Massey. I was so sick of stylists not knowing what they were doing. He was amazing. I think he's the only deva trained stylist in England. I also started sticking the right products on my hair he recommended and kokoso coconut oil. I feel like a new frizz free woman. It's a long way to go but it's worth it.
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Was that Matthew? I'm in Herts and was considering going up to Birmingham to see him at some point, but the long drive was so off-putting. Glad to know he's worth it though!
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Yap, I've traveled far away from my home to get a new hair cut. It was amazing experience. I traveled Italy to have my hair cut. European hair stylists are indeed talented and care for great hair cut.

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