Question: Have you ever traveled far to get your hair cut?

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Please share your experience!
Well 50 miles? To get a Deva cut and I just live the stylist. Pretty sure I'll keep going to her if I can.
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I have not traveled far to get my hair cut. One of the many perks of living in a city I guess. =)

But I am interested to hear who has!

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First Deva cut was at Devachan in White Plains (about an hour to an hour and a half). Loved the cut, loved the stylist (Ana, from the Soho salon), hated the drive. The next time around I opted to take a day off from work and just take the commuter train (90 minutes) to NYC and visit Devachan in Soho. By the time I was ready for my next cut, the Deva website suddenly showed a ton of trained stylists right in my area (previously there were none really nearby).

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I live in upstate (north of the commuter lines) NY. The farthest away from home I've had my hair cut is the Tampa Bay Area, but I was visiting family there, and decided that it made sense to have a Curl Whisperer cut at the time (loved it!). Most recently I've gone to Devachan in NYC, and I intend to go back. I've had some very good cuts by a local Deva stylist, but she didn't seem to be getting the point that I really wanted to grow my hair longer than a bob, or maybe she did, but it wasn't coming together for her. I've got a wide variety of textures on my head, and superfine hair, so it's a challenge. Early last year I decided to make the trek to the MotherShip, and was very glad that I did. The junior stylist who cut my hair did a brilliant job of preserving length and giving me just the right amount of light layering to make my hair look like it all belonged on the same head for the better part of a year.

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The last time I had my hair cut professionally was 20 years ago. My younger sister and I took our older sister to a spa for the works. It was about 100 miles away. It was a horrid hair cut and an even worse styling job.
40 years ago I had my hair cut in a salon a block from my house. Equally disastrous.
It would take alot for me to go to a salon again and even more to get me to travel to get there. The exception would be the Love Curly Live Free salon in Florida. That one I would go to if I had the chance.
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i drive into the city (nyc) for my haircuts. without traffic it's about an hour each way, with traffic can be mmmuuuuccchh longer. however, i know this and generally schedule a time (like 9 am saturdays) and traffic is mostly not a problem at that time. however, the highways i travel are in high-traffic areas so there can always be a tie-up. i take 2 highways to get there, and there is one road that leads me from one to the other, takes about 2 minutes to travel. it's 3 lanes, with NO shoulder. one of my trips there was an accident on this road and it took me almost an hour to get to the 2nd highway.

while my hair type is basically 3a, i have 3b and 2c. i had a "deva-trained" stylist who had rave reviews here and was about 8 minutes from my home cut my hair. took many months to get it back, it was a mullet, had a 'hole' in the back of my head.

while many stylists can learn how to cut a curl, very few truly can understand the different patterns and blend them in to a cohesive cut, and grow out in a cohesive cut. i hope to always be able to drive to wherever my stylist is. (i found him on reviews here when he worked at devachan many years ago, and have followed him to another salon a couple of blocks from devachan where i found him.)

because he understands my hair and cuts it so well, i only need to make the drive in 3x/year. sometimes i go in with a friend and spend time in the city, other times i'm in and out.
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For a cut, no. I might travel far to AVOID a cut ...

I may be about to drive an hour and a half to get my hair hennaed though. Mostly because I am old and not very flexible or dextrous any more and I'm pretty sure I can't stand with my head over the kitchen sink long enough (or any other sink in the house) to get the henna in before my back goes out. And no one in town will do henna, even if I bring my own glop.

Since I don't drive any more I'm depending on getting my son to take me - and he hates driving. So that may not come to pass either. But I have been THINKING about it.
Years ago, I went to Devachan to get a cut in New York.
Only 15 minutes...
I don't exactly call that far.
It was my first 'curly haircut', a layered shoulder-length do.
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I travel about an hour to get my Deva cut. I don't like the drive, but it's worth it.
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I travel 1 hr. I know that doesn't sound far, but coupled with the fact that I travel 2 hrs a day for work, it makes it difficult to schedule appointments and plan out getting there. I sure wish a curly cut wasn't such a specialized art form. I hate to rant but curly hair isn't anything new and it amazes me that only recently have cuts, products, and techniques have come into the forefront to address our needs. LOL OK rant over!
I've never done it but would probably do it if I had to.
When my long time stylist of 10+ years decided to become a Flight Attendant and eventually move to Italy, she would fly in and do my hair periodically until I found another stylist that I fully trusted. This stylist was the only person I trusted to cut my hair as well as relax my hair. My current stylist is equally amazing and talented with styling, cutting and coloring, not to mention she got me through a long-term transition from relaxed to natural without BCing. Her shop is thriving and business is booming with an established clientele so I doubt she will be moving any time soon. However, if I were to move, I know I would find a way to continue getting my hair done by her.
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The longest I've ever traveled is 15mins. I said I would follow my hair stylist, but when she moved to Florida from NH, I had to draw the line
I traveled 45 minutes to the Curl Whisperer! It was a wonderful experience.

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I used to fly three states over to Florida to have Alberto at Ouidad do the carve and slice 1-2 times a year. So that is what? Several hundred miles?

After he left I went back one time. The stylist gave me a decent cut, but was extremely rude and disrespectful. I never went back.
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I would travel very far for an excellent haircut. Like even 2hrs+. The reason being is that a great haircut grows out really well. With good care and a good cut, I would only need to go to the salon 2x a year and I wouldn't mind traveling so far 2x a year. I'd make a weekend trip out of it even.

Then again, I'm also used to commuting and driving long hours and long distances.
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Ohio to Lorraine Massey at a NC show in Austin and then next appt. in Soho at Devachan. My regular hair appts are now a 2.5 hr drive to Cleveland, Ohio
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