Clarifying shampoo PLEASE HELP!!

Hi I'm a freshman in high school and we have to take gym this year. Swimming is one of the things we'll be doing and I'm terrified!! I don't want my hair to dry out & look crazy. Are there are sulfate free clarifying shampoos?! Thank you for your help!
I use as I am curl clarity. Some people say it's too stripping for their taste, but it really cleans the hair of buildup well. It's sulfate free too
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Hi I'm a freshman in high school and we have to take gym this year. Swimming is one of the things we'll be doing and I'm terrified!! I don't want my hair to dry out & look crazy. Are there are sulfate free clarifying shampoos?! Thank you for your help!
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I completely recommend using the Elucence Volume Clarifying Shampoo. I was wary on buying it at first because it has a mild sulfate in it very low on the list of ingredients, but it doesn't strip your hair AT ALL (which is why we don't use detergents in the first place). It's strong enough to remove the chlorine and whatnot from your hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I used it for the first time. It removed all of the build-up that was causing problems with my curls. I'm in high school too and buying products can be a bit pricey when it comes to CG, and Elucence products are relatively inexpensive. I got a 10oz bottle of the clarifying shampoo for $6 on Curlmart, and since it's very concentrated, a dime sized amount of the shampoo can cleanse your entire head. It'll last forever! You can also buy a swimming cap that'll keep your hair relatively dry. Hope this helps.
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I recently picked up curl junkie curl cleansing conditioner to remove hard water build up/minerals. It's also supposed to work well for swimmers. That being said, it's expensive but it's think and a little goes a long way!
It's not clarifying you need (removing product build up) but chelating (removing mineral/ chlorine deposits). There is ION Swimmers shampoo and Malibu C sachets that chelate without sulphates.
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May I suggest adding a "swimming" tag to this thread?
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Whatever you do, do NOT get the Aubrey Organics swimmer's shampoo. It feels absolutely terrible and left my hair tangly, dry and stripped.
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Before you worry about getting pool chemicals out of your hair, address keeping them out. Saturating your hair with plain water will decrease the amount of pool water which can get into it. Adding a layer of co-wash conditioner once your hair is wet will give you even more protection. You'll also need to wear a cap, both to protect your hair, and also to keep conditioner from getting in the pool water. When you get out of the pool, just co-wash, and you should be fine. I've used this routine when I've been in the pool a couple of hours a week during the winter, and never noticed any deterioration in the condition of my hair.

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Hello, I practice swimming and I also worry about my hair. I was researching the internet and I found Malibu C is a line for swimmers, sulfate-free. 'll Buy and then tell you my experience. Remember to wear a hat and use oil before entering to prevent the chlorine from penetrating into the hair. I hope you serve something.

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