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Dear curly friends, and especially administrators and moderators: I have been a member here since 1999. I have learned a huge amount about my curls during these years.

This past several months, I have decided to let my hair get gray. There have been several posts about the need for a "Going Gray" forum, and those requests have not been heard. Going gray is not just about stopping using hair color; there are a great many style, fashion, product and self image issues that go with "going gray". And yes, there are on line groups for going gray, but they are not for curlies specifically, and we all know that curly hair is not the same as straight hair. That includes curly gray hair.

I posted recently about how, since I stopped coloring my roots, my hair is noticeably more healthy. I was coloring my roots only every three weeks. Now I am not. My hair is fuller, healthier, and responds well to almost any method or product I use on it. This is huge for me, and, I suspect, for other curlies who may be considering not coloring their hair. I did not realize that hair dye could make such a difference.

In the process of this post, a member made what I feel was a somewhat snarky comment about hair dye, ie, "Doesnt everyone know hair dye is bad for the hair and skin?" I responded NO. But - we DO know that silicones, polyquats, sulfates, glycerine, protein, etcetera etcetera etcetera (in the words of the King) can often be bad. Yet: HOW MANY OF US COLOR OUR HAIR? I would bet that at least every other curlie here over the age of 40 colors or highlights her hair. If I did not know that regular root touch ups were having such an impact on my hair, I'll bet others dont know as well. After all, I have been here a long time.

My point is not to call anyone out for making a comment. My point is that I am an informed consumer, but evidently not, because I have used hair color for the last 25 years of my life. And now I am not. And if I dont know about the potential harm color does to the hair, others dont know as well. IN face, the hair color industry convinces us that our hair BENEFITS from color.

And this came up in a discussion of going gray.

So I ask again: would you PLEASE have a "Going Gray" forum here? it seems a very serious oversight.
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I dont mean to offend anyone here. I just feel that this is an important issue - going gray - and all it entails.
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I'm not going gray but this is an excellent idea.
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Myrna I hope this works. I think its an important aspect and certainly would be a great addition to our little online community. There are a lot of gorgoeus curlies on here and it seems like a lovely idea. Not only that but I would also love to join eventually lol. I adore Grey/silver/white hair so much and have since a child. It needs to become less of a wow you went grey... why? And more of a wow that is gorgoeus. I.e. become a normal thing as curly hair is becoming. (:

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I agree, this would be great!

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Well, I and several others have asked before, and we were not heard. So please, if you think this is a necessary issue, add your voice here.
I think this is a great idea! I really hope they do it.
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I'm not going grey, but I agree this is a great idea. When I go grey, I certainly want to go grey with pride. My mum is starting to go grey but she dyes her hair, just like most women do (unfair how women are expected to and men aren't so much). It would be wonderful if greying women had somewhere they could get ideas and inspiration from. Every other hair type and colour does, so why not grey?

I love grey hair, especially that silver fox type lol.
Anyway, hope you guys get this! Looking forward to seeing a new section pop up

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Although I'm not "going grey" anytime soon, I think it's a great idea to have a separate forum for those who are. Who knows, it might encourage some of us to actually go grey when we're ready?
I stopped coloring in 2010, just a few months after I went CG. I think a gray forum is a terrific idea.
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I think a going grey forum is a great idea, also mods, keep in mind that not everyone going grey is over 40 and not everyone over 40 is going grey and some of us may not be comfortable posting in that forum.
Excellent idea, I'm needing this information and would love a place to chat with "friends"
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Im only 20 and due to genes, i may not see gray hair for a while lol. But i believe this is a fantastic idea nonetheless. There are sooooooo many women an men out here who frown at te idea of having even a few gray hairs and are quick to dye their hair. I hope this forum builds and ppl with gray hair can come out and give their opinions and ideas. I would love to keep reading about that. Good luck
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I agree. Great idea. I'm kind of surprised there isn't one already. I haven't looked since I'm not at that stage yet, but I will be soon. I've got some nice, bright silvers showing up randomly in my hair. Not a lot, but a few.
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I don't have the nerve to let my grey show, but it's there, beneath the henna. I think Myrna raises excellent points and I would read and join in threads about the subject.


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I think this is a wonderful idea!
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I have a lot of grays and have resisted coloring because I've read it can dry out your hair make each hair thicker, adding volume I don't want. I don't like it and it makes me self conscious, but I don't feel like I have a choice unless I want to give up my healthy hair.
I am seriously considering going gray and find I have big insecurities about it. IRL I know NO one going gray besides one person I am slightly acquainted with and it's hard to find info or gain insight from anyone on the ground. It seems a natural extension of a site dedicated to embracing the natural. I do not understand the resistance of adding a Gray Lady Board. I'm pretty sure if I do go gray I'll use just as much product. LOL.
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I'm not going gray but I support you and think this is a great idea

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